Split analysis Jamaican 4x100m

I saw this on another site. Does this have any validity. (sorry if it has been posted here already)

USATF High Performance registered split analysis:

Nesta Carter - 10.41
Michael Frater - 9.01
Usain Bolt - 8.98
Asafa Powell - 8.70

I can only speak for the last two legs, and they are both within 0.03 of what I got when I did it myself. There have been many different splits posted in an earlier thread. PJ got 8.68 for Powell.

Look through http://www.charliefrancis.com/community/showthread.php?t=19078 (the 37.10 World Record thread)

You must leave a small room for error, I dont see how its possible to get exact splits in a relay, 0.03 room for error.