spinal flossing?

what is the deal with this? any one had success? also pros vs cons? it sounds so interesting and benefitial

I use it!

Wait a few days for more information…the link will be up soon,

ok thanks clem

Check out T-mag and the article “The Superior Circuit” I, II, and III for more details.

Was the link posted Clemson?, I know its a long time ago! This is a subject i’m interested in as I think I have some adverse neural tension at the moment.


The Superior Circuit part III has all the info you need plus some expansion by Mike Robertson (comments area). Some members have used it since early morning training is not ideal for lifts. Go on T-nation and I have used an All-State swimmer to demonstrate the pre lift movements to do an “spinal engine check”. This is something I do with my athletes before near max loads.

Those were great articles on T-mag. Happy to see Charles Poliquin got back on board with those guys.