I need some spikes but dont wanna pay 70 bucks, anything good out ther…

Yea, I’m looking for some spikes too… I wish they still made some of the old 1980’s, early 1990’s spikes as they allow your big toe to flex unlike these new spikes that are so solid your toe can’t flex.

Try one of Bolts older models. Puma complete theseus, bright blue and white coloured. The best Ive ever had. :slight_smile:

I got the gold one’s, don’t really like them because they feel much different then nike’s.

BigBrothas aren’t bad.


I bought a bunch of the white Nikes like Asafa used to wear. I think the Ja’s. Got them cheap. Supposedly the new Bolt Pumas were modeled after this plate.

How are the entry level spikes “Nike Zoom Rival”?