Speed workouts in the pool.

I tried to search the archives, but wasn’t able to locate anything with pool workouts specifically for speed. I know a big guy who runs 100 / 200. He ran 21.6x last year off of virtually no training, and this season developed some lower leg stress fractures, and will need to stay off the track for speed for at least 6 weeks.

He is pretty green. I told him to crank up his weight room work, as well as to hit the general fitness stuff very hard since he is under far less CNS stress.

My understanding is that you can crank up the volume in the pool. Does anyone have any mid-SPP / early competition phase speed workout ideas?

Use the bike at similar tensions, range of motion, durations and rest intervals. Up the volume from what you would do on the track.

So accel - high tension, big range of motion, short duration.
Speed - moderate tension, smaller range of motion, slightly longer duration.
Int tempo/speed end - similar to speed, longer duration.

Rest intervals can be shorter than track.

Just keep in mind that in a pool there is resistance in all directions, max intensity can be maintained for a max of 8 seconds at elite level —also keep in mind training/real age of the athlete. I never cranked up the volume as the result became endurance not speed