Speed work videos up.. Critique, analysis, suggestions, etc..

Hi guys,

Just posted up 4 vids from today’s session on my youtube page.

2 are 3 pt 30’s and 2 are flying 20’s.

Video quality isn’t the greatest, but hopefully you can get somewhat of a decent picture as to what’s going on. It looked a lot better on the computer before I uploaded it onto youtube; anyone know how to enhance the clarity a bit?

There was a bit of a headwind today as well, so that’s the loud noise you may here in the background.


-1st Flying 20 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn_gF6rKgWE
-2nd Flying 20 (of 4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0MegQUoBVE
-1st 30m 3 pt http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4aIFVabRVw
-2nd 30m 3 pt http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXbKWqx2q9M

before i give my 2 cents what do you feel needs improvement?

Arm frequency, especially in the flying sprints. I need to buildup faster to the cone.

Not really sure though otherwise what needs correcting/working on…


I’m waiting for davan to answer, hes good at breaking down film.

I agree with going a little faster to the build-up zone.

It may just be the camera angle, but it looks like, in the 3pt starts, that you are going off to the side instead of straight. It could just be camera angle, but if you are having problems going straight, maybe you could try doing your sprints in training on the lane lines.

On the flying sprints, you also appear to be sitting a little bit. Not sure how you would go about correcting that or if it is just because you weren’t at full speed going into the zone, but another thing to look at.

1: check arm swing
2: check hip height
3: make sure you are getting full ext
4: drive out more, get violent!!!

this is why i hate flying and efe or fef runs bc most team sport athletes dont understand the concept where as its much easier for track guys.

Do you think the arm swing might correct itself once he started to get a little more forceful and getting full extension?

Its possible but i think it would be easier to correct the arm swing first. what you think?

Don’t have any advice per se, outside of some of the things that were already mentioned, but I noticed you take a lot of steps. Looks to be about 20 steps for the 30m and 11.5 or so on the flying 20m. Just something I noticed…

ill look at it more later tonite and post more.

Ok so main thing is get more aggressive with the arms and get violent out of the 3 pt start.

What do you mean by “sitting” in the flying sprints?

sitting = more hip height. my bro had a similar problem and i had to teach him to be more relax and pump the arms. i think the low vol depth drops and depth jumps helped also.

arm swing you are opening up too much on ur back swing.

Ah gotcha.

Okay I will definitely work on these things for sure. I knew something didn’t feel ‘right’ yesterday.

*I need to be right at full speed for flying sprints, this was a problem yesterday as I was building up waaay too slow before the marker.

yep by the time you reach that first cone you should be at full speed or close then ride it out. the longer the acc zone the more grad the build zone can be but with shorter zones you need to be more aggressive and get to top speed.

Also just noticed that Im not achieving full triple extension in most of the sprints. Almost there but not quite.

How do you go about fixing that? Will pumping the arms harder fix that?

I already said that.

1: get ur pc stronger
2: cf gpp med drills
3: relax and stop pushing so much

The hip height and extension could be related.

Okay, will work on that. Thanks for the feedback.

If you had a gh machine i would tell you to do reactive gh.