Speed work, Plyo, Weights, Tempo palnning

How should I plan to perform my spped work, plyos, weights, and tempo training in a given week. Should Plyos occur on non-weight training days? Should Weight training occur on speed work days, or tempo days? Is this sample workout OK?
Mon: Speed & Plyo
tue: Tempo & weights
Wed.: rest
Thur: Speed & Plyo
Fri: temp & weights

This is one pssible set up (I assume you intend Sat, Sun off) Fill in some more details with volumes for discussion.

I have a fulltime 9-5 job, and this is what I’m trying to work into my schedule for this summer. No competing this summer. I want to compete starting next winter 2004.

Mon. (5am): 15 min. elliptical machine and stretch
Mon. (11:30am): flying 30’s speed work & Plyos
Mon. (5pm): weights
Tues. (5am): core work
Tues. (5pm): tempo - 150’s
Wed. (5am): 15 min. elliptical machine & core work

Thur: Same as Mon.
Fri.: same as Tues
Sat. same as Wed.
Sun: off

My weight rountine is low rep (6 max)

  • power cleans
  • good mornings on smith machine (single leg)
  • Glute ham raises
  • step ups or single leg squat or lung squat
  • Bench press
  • dumbell curls
  • abs and obliques

I work about 60 hours a week and the following is my routine…




Then repeat the above from the beginning. I am trying to get 72 hours rest between maximal CNS sessions/weights. I can’t handle any more frequency than that with my schedule without getting into massage and other expensive means of regeneration.

I have been making steady gains and follow a 3-1-3 cycle for weights. I too am looking to peak for indoor 2004. I am going to run a couple of test meets to see how things are looking this summer. I perform all my workouts after work in the evenings or mid day on the weekends…

If you need more detail check out my journal in the training journals section…