Speed training in Rain??

what to do for a speed session if its raining?
what if its going to rain for a week?
and there are no indoor tracks.
would you do a lot more med ball work, a lot of jumps and plyro’s?

depending on how bad it is. for exampl e if its comming down but its not too windy i would probably run, into the wind for speed work. if its a hurricane use your common sense. by running into the wind yod can limit stride length and some what prevent injury.

Could be a good week to unload or change emphasis and give certain areas a rest (maybe a bit more weights than speed for a week, but nothing extreme). Running in the rain isn’t too bad as long as it isn’t too windy (james) or too cold (I find this to be the biggest problem). If you can, try to warm-up inside somewhere, even if it means you have to modify slightly. Warming-up indoors is huge when situations are like this (this goes for cold weather situations too).

You train and get wet :stuck_out_tongue:

Tempo or speed endurance are options. A lot depends upon the rest of it specifically temperature. Rain and high teens C versus rain and 3 deg C are different situations. Rain and lightning = inside :smiley:

hence the call for common sense.

From Ato Boldon’s journal for 3/7/2000:

1pm Short HSI warmup, 400,300,200 (56,36,23). Rain hampered the times and everyone is kind of ragged, searching for that practice mode again

If you live in California and don’t train in the rain, you might not train at all some Februaries. There ARE no indoor tracks.

There are some things you might not want to do–I don’t: Hills in flats or tempo on grass, where you could fall and get injured. You can do plyos in the gym.

Otherwise, take out the xmas trees and put in pyramids, and go out and train.

train in the rain, i forgot, i no longer train on grass for speed work, i live near a tartan track. so muddie/water puddles are the things of the past. two pairs of tights perhaps, i can sit under shelter between efforts, but not run under cover at all.
Tempo is ok, i can do that on a large treadmill in the gym. Not the same but its better than nothing, and better than twisting ankle in muddie grass.
Thanks guys.

Mate you’ve turned into a Cane Toad soft cock :eek:, shit it’s probably still around 20deg C …harden up :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, i know i spent a yr in Canberra, brrrrrr
but i just finnished 4yrs in Central qld working in a Aluminium smelter sweating me ass off every day. i sweated the least out of everybody, fitness, and still during summer i would be covered from head to toe in sweat, long tops and bottoms, saturated.
gee im glad im out of there.
so, still some hardening up to do in this freezing 20 degree temps
Perhaps i should visit you guys in NZ for a few weeks, and toughen up to the cold a bit.
1 more day and winter is goneeeee

thats funny lol

Mid July next year would be my suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue: and somewhere down south.

Winter shminter for those who aren’t aware the difference in temperature, I was where Bold lives 4 years ago in the middle of ‘winter’ :rolleyes: All my family went swimming in the sea, the water was warmer than it is here mid summer :eek: and the air temperature what we consider a nice summer day. :cool:

winter in queensland, where else would you rather live?

Try where I live, 55 degrees north with winds from the North Sea, lovely. :smiley: :rolleyes: