Speed + Special Endurance Same Session

In those days of max v / speed work, can i do, after all, 1 maybe 2 shots of 150m or 200m full speed ?

Yes I finish with a 150 quite often. Just watch your volume and listen to your body.

I do the same, and you know what ?!
My last two 150 PB was after a speed session, actualy, when i try 150s at first, i can´t run as fastest as i run after speed work.
What could be the reasons ?
CNS ? Psycho ? or just a matter of hot warmed body ( stead-state ).

Exactly. Your body is warmed up and the CNS is at full tilt.

Some years ago i took part in a MSc’s dissertation. Basically i had to run two sprints over 100m with differing rest periods. I did a warm up before these runs but no high intensity work.

When the rest was like 3,5,7 min my second time was always slower. As the rest stretched out my second run became better than my first with best results at about 15-25min. As quick says i think the first run primed my nervous system for the second when the rest was long enough for fatigue not to be a factor.

There is a thread in which KitKat (I believe) talks about lighting it up for 60m or so 15 minutes before your event in order to jump start the CNS.

I’ve been trying it out this year. So far it’s helped me get well prepared for a race.

Oh you def. need to do that before competition!!! No way will you run at your fastest speed unless your body has already touched that speed for the day prior.
After my general warmup which consists of 100 meter strides and active dynamic stretching as well as muscle activation/ mobilty stuff like iron cross,scorpians and leg swings we do 10 meter accels full speed follwed by 20-30m. And when all the accel stuff is taken care of and I feel loose I do some flying 30’s with a 20-30 meter fly zone. I call these “blowouts”. And make sure if there is 10 heats of the 100 meter dash and I am in heat 10. I am basically doing one of these every other heat. Of course if I am doing that many it may only be a 20 meter accel zone and hold for 20.

How much time do you give yourself between the end of your warmup and your race?

I think you can extend the period between the warmup “blow” (60m or flying 20m etc.) and the competition up to 30 or 40 min. If you have preliminaries, semifinal and the final on the same day, you can leave them out altogether, if preliminaries are easy for you. The bigger the meet, the more time between warmup and the competition (first calling + second calling).

I understand the concept prior to a race, but are you also suggesting that you should do some full speed stuff the day prior to a race? I typically rest the day before. What do others do?

If I go more than 5 mins. before my race without a fast accel. or something like (I am talking 20-30 meters) I feel stiff when the gun goes off.
I agree with the rest of your post.

The timeframe is unquestionably an individual issue. However, I was mainly referring to a max. -run in the warmup (60m or flying 20-30m with a 30m buildup). Sure, after that, you should keep yourself warm and alert by periodic work (in quickazhell’s case: short accels.) until the actual race.

As an example: (1) warming up – (2) activation of CNS with a slightly longer run 30min. prior – (3) keeping the flame alive with short drills, accels., or starts (with whatever timeframe you feel comfortable).

In regards to the original post: speed + special endurance on the same day might be a good idea, especially if you only do two high intensity session per week. I would, however, keep a 20-30min. “maintenance break” between the speed workout and the special endurance runs; building a kind of an extensive “competition simulation” into the whole training session.

I must confess, that´s why i like this site so much, because, when we have/know some good information, we don´t “hide” this, we talk about, we share. :slight_smile:
Different from real world, where the guys seems to be enemies ( of course they are but just on track right ) they lie about train methods, trying to confuse you or getting you low. :frowning:
Here we don´t have this problem, since we´re thousand of miles distant one from another.
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Exactly. Good post.