Speed endurance

We always use speed endurance from november to indoors (200m) or january onwards if no indoors, and we do reps of everything upto 500m. Near to the race season not over 250, 200,150m for a single session. I admit that the distances above about 300m can be looked at as GPP but we still do them 80-95%.

In Charlie’s book I see his speed endurance training mainly as 80-120m, (although he does state that speed endurance can be upto 500m) and he uses them only nearer the outdoors.

On top of tempo runs, what GPP runs (distance/intensity) and speed endurance sessions are used, and at what periods through the year are they undertaken for sprinters with 4 years experience.

Charlie, correct me if I am wrong. I think there is some confusion with terminology at times. My frame of reference or understanding is that:
Speed Endurance (60-120 meters)
Special Endurance I (150-300 meters)
Special Endurance II (300-600 meter)

Is this interpretation in keeping with this discussion?


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It can be broken down as you say or you can simply use speed end 1 as 8 to 15 sec and speed end 2 as 15 sec up. Method one may apply to the 400m more, as you may need to delineate the speed ranges more and go farther out.

What should be the intensity level of speed endurance runs? Does the intensity decrease as the distance increases?