Speed Endurance

Is it smart to do things like 400s,350s, 300s, 200s, 150s and such at this point in the offeason for speed endurance?

Those distances are not considered speed endurance. They are special endurance. If you are a 100-200 meter specialist, running 2-3 quality 150s once a week should be adequate. On occasion, you might run a couple of 200s. In a short to long program, you would want to do this work in SPP and sometimes during the competitive season – though your races typically function as special endurance training at that time. In GPP, you focus more on acceleration in the form of hills and some short (10-30m) work on grass or track – along with the general conditioning and strength work.

Check out the Vancouver 2004 DVD for detailed info and examples of long to short example that will aid you in understanding and modelling/adapting to your needs for special endurance and speed endurance.

If you are doing long to short for 100-200m training yes.

If you run 400m yes.

So are you training for 100-200 or 200-400?

As noted above, these are special endurance. 150-300 (or 15-30 seconds) are special endurance I and 300-600 are special endurance II. If you are late in GPP or in SPP and accelerating to 30m or longer, then you can do SE II. Early, the special endurance is more likely to be done as split runs, with the continuous version to follow later in the phase.

See the discussion on 4X4X60 with Charlie pointing out that these have a special endurance effect.

at this point of the year i would say that type of training is silly u should be focusing on strength, general fitness and accle development then once you have that phase down move on to your top speed then finish it off with speed endurance. For me it makes very little sense to "lock in” speed endurance of lesser speed. start the outdoor phase with 3-6 weeks of speed endurance work, such as 10x60m, and 80-150m repeats. This way, once you start running, outdoors, you are running at a higher pace speed endurance, instead of trying to build TS and speed endurance at the same time

At this point in the offseason I am lifting 2-3 days a week, it varies because i take weights class at school, so one week i have it mon-wed-fri then the next week it is tue-thur. I think i am in GPP because I am doing lots of lifting (cleans, squats, bench, military, lat pull, bent rows, ham curls, arms) as well as abs, resting alot. And for running i go out and do 5 or so short sprints, maybe run 2 miles or so. I do this running 2-3 times a week. Does that help?

try this for ur lifting:



hang spilt snatch
front squat
good mornings

sprint training: mon/wed/fri:
hill work 10-30m for total of 210-400m
tue/thur/sat: tempo work start at about 1200 work ur way up to about 2000m in a hurry. for example 1200 week 1, 1400 week 2, 1600 week 3 etc…

also try some low intensity med ball work on ur
tempo days and low intensity jumps… this plan is very general…

Yea that’s simliar to the workout I been doing this fall.

I am glad you approve!