Speed Endurance

I have purchased and read Charlie’s Training System e-book and I have a question regarding speed endurance. Charlie says this should be over distances of 80-400m, but nowhere did I see at what speed this should be done at. Maybe I missed it, but I re-read those portions again and it still hasn’t clicked. I am hoping someone on here can help me out.

Anything with the word “speed” in it is at 95-100%

Thank you, I appreciate it.

One other clarification. I think speed endurance is more in the 50 to 80 meter range. Anything over that is considered special endurance.

According to the energy systems used, distances up to more or less 60m is speed, up to 150m speed endurance and >150m, special endurance I and II. I think these are Charlie’s indications in his books as well.

OK, now I am really confused, lol. What is the difference between speed endurance and special endurance? Apparently I am gonna need to read his book a few times before this all makes sense.

The way I seem to get it is the endurance used to maintain your top speed throughout 150 meters of sprinting would be your speed endurance. Anything longer is called special endurance.

Speed: 0-8 seconds
Special Endurance I: 8-15 seconds
Special Endurance II: 15-45 seconds

Speed | Alactic Power: 0-7 seconds
Speed Endurance | Alactic Capacity: 7-20 seconds
Special Endurance 1 | Lactic Power: 20-40 seconds
Special Endurance 2 | Lactic Capacity: 40 seconds- 2 minutes.

I don’t go by distance because every athlete is at different stages of development and what is SE I for one athlete might already be SE II for another as far as distance is concerned.

To my understanding Special End I or Special End 2 can both either be lactate power or capacity. More so special end II. It would be dependent on the rest.

2X300 @98-100% 20 mins rest = lac.power

4x300 @90% 7-10 mins rest= lac.capacity

Of course if we are talking rest here on CF.com, then of course it would be full rest (20-45 minutes) and the run would be at 100%. And, there would be no more than 2 reps.