Speed Endurance/Special Endurance in SPP

Does anyone use speed endurance or special endurance in spp? For example, does one use the 3x4x60 workout in short to long or something like 2x300 for long to short?

Any thoughts on this? Also has anyone ever used a special endurance workout the day after speed? Ie: speed on monday, tuesday tempo, wed off, thurs speed, fri special end, sat tempo, sun off.

any other templates?

for s to l spp I do the 60m workout. l to s would include the 300.
I wouldnt do spec end after speed, unless your doing it in flats on grass, which makes it int tempo.

But you can try it and see how you feel.

Perhaps I misread something, but didn’t Charlie ever do a Spec end workout the day after speed? I thought I saw something like Friday speed/Saturday Spec End or was this strength end? He said something like it is different CNS qualities than that of speed so safe to do it the day after although not for long periods of time. Like I said, I could be way off.

Didn’t fasuba go S to L for speed but L to S for spec end/speed end in the year he went 9.85?

Any thoughts on this topic?

Charlie had released some programming for 400m athletes where Friday would be Special endurance (200+2x80) and Saturday would do Strength Endurance (Running A’s).

Ive coached a mixed sprinter group (1/2/4/300h) who formed a good 4x4 squad the last 2 years. Our template this past spring starting 8 weeks out (not exactly spp)from the championship meets was monday-acceleration/speed+ weight room option, tuesday- special endurance (Michael Johnson 3x300/100 @85-90%)+ weights, wednesday- active recovery, thursday- meet, friday- tempo. Weekend-off/active recovery.

In hindsight it worked well because of the taper I implemented the last 10 days of the season, all 4 guys got fresh legs and had big prs at the district and state meet. We consistently ran better 4s and 2s week to week, the 100 times only slightly improved

Overall I’ll change the template because some kids couldn’t optimally perform with the week to week cns fatigue. I think a hi-lo will work well for the 2016 season

For speed endurance can anyone describe the use of “stacking” type runs that Brent McFarlane outlines in his book. E.g. 2-3 x (150+5×40+150)

what are prescribed recoveries and speeds on the 150’s? Also what time of year are these used, SPP?

Any Thoughts?

I don’t know his training methodologies at all. I’ve heard his name, seen his hurdle writings, but don’t know who he has coached.

What interests you in these type of sessions, versus a 2x500 session ? Assuming the 150 +4x50+150 is done with high quality effort, the breaking up of it likely allows for higher quality within that set, compared to a 500 continuous.

For broken sets, the lactate threshold thread with Kit Kat’s concurrent program will be useful to you, and Kit Kat coached Austalia’s 400m national record holders, until Cathy Freeman broke the female record in Sydney.

I believe Brent was Ange’s coach in college. Maybe she can offer some insights.

You could also do both in the one week:




This setup could work for beginners and advance athletes. For myself I need more higher end/quality speed work vs running shitty 300’s. I also don’t like how the 300’s made my body felt (weak/stiff).

How about 6x 100 jog walk back recovery instead of 2x300, would it work.

I think that workout would turn into a pure int tempo session for most short sprinters. Maybe if you did 2x3x100 jog rec/10-15m btw sets.

How would one schedule in SE during just 2 sprint days per week in the spp?

One of the sprint days would be starts + accels + max V and the other would be starts, accels + SE

If it’s SPP1 in a short to long the special endurance will be split 60s in which the rest intervals gradually become longer and longer to allow for intensification along with the 60s being executed via intensity limits progressing from 20m in 10m increments. By the end of the SPP the split 60s become full speed 60s with full recoveries to transition to indoor comp

If it’s SPP 1 in a long to short the special endurance will reduce down from as much as 2 x 600m in week 1 down to 1 or 2 x 100 or 120 in the final week

In both cases it’s critical to fill out the training load with starts, accelerations, and, in the case of S-L, max V in order that enough training load volume is substantiated by relevant work as well as in order to provide enough total relevant volume to taper down from in order to achieve multiple peaks throughout the competition period.

thanks for the detailed response James! In the facility we have 60m gets a lil close to wall (just a 72m runway) could one use split runs at 50m ex:(2x3x50m) w/ just turn around recovery bw runs and full bw sets?

I think too often we get caught up in weekly microcyles. I feel many athletes would benefit more from longer microcyles. I am pretty sure PJ has used extended micro blocks with a few athletes.

Sure you could make do with split 50m. You definitely don’t want to introduce additional stress, and injury potential, via rapid deceleration. Do you have crash pads/mats at the indoor facility?

Could you provide an example of an extended micro block?

It depends on the training elements you need to get in within a block of training. KitKat’s concurrent GPP program is set up as 3x2 weeks blocks of training, but could be modified as needed.

I use a 10-14 block for my distance runners.

For short sprinters, if you are only doing Accels, MAx V and Sp End, lengthening those out to maybe 9 days, especially with limited therapy, might be an option. In the example below it spreads out the work loads. The key is to see improvement in the SE runs like Charlie talked about so much.

1 Accel +(SE)
2 Tempo
3 Tempo or off
4 Accel + MAx V
5 Tempo
6 Tempo or off
7 Accel + SE
8 tempo
9 off