Speed End and Max. Velocity

Looking for some suggestions…

From experience what are some of the best workouts to develop mamimal velocity for a 100 meter runner?


From experience what are some of the best workouts to develop speed end. for a 100 meter runner?

A good way to work on max velocity is to perform “flying 20’s.” But i myself usually peform flying flying 30’s instead of flying 20’s. Set up two markers 20 meters apart and slowly build up to sub maximal speed just before you hit the first marker. When you hit the mark you should just be hitting top speed. Try to hold that speed for 20 meters before you decelerate after reaching the second mark. Focus on good arm action and try not to clench up or get tense. Incorporate flying 20’s into your workouts and remember to try to get at least 2 weight sessions in a week to work on max strength. Squats, deadlifts, powercleans and bench presses all for no more than 6 reps with proper form.

Use the search function also. There’s tons of information on here regarding the improvement of max velocity sprinting. Good luck.

I agree with everything he states for MV

As far as speed endurance. If we are talking about 100-200m athl. then get the accel and MV in place first. Once this happens it is okay to to dabble with Speed Endurance a bit before you hit it as a primary focus over accel.

2x2x80m with full recoveries

2x4x60 w/ shorter recoveries between reps.

3x120 or 3x150 w/ full recovery. IF you shorten the recoveries too much between reps over 80m then SPEED is compromised.

And yes, do a search. This stuff is all over the place in the threads. Seriously!