Speed Drills for Lineman?

I am a lineman going to play college football what are some drills to help my start for the defensive line?

I would focus on short sprint work (not more than 20m, probably keeping them around 10m.) Do them at full speed and allow a complete recovery between each repetition. This means at least 2 - 3 minutes. Combine this with a solid strength program for the lower body and you should have the building blocks for an explosive start off the snap.


Picked up a training tape from friend who coaches D- Line at 1-aa level.The name of the tape was developing lineman.It was made by the University of Iowa.It was awesome!It had their lineman doing all their training drills .It covered everything they do with their S & C coach.My copy had no sound.I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in this subject or football in general.Where can you get it? I have not a clue.Start first at University of Iowa.

How do you keep coaches from goofing up speed work? We all know that high quality work needs recovery but how many times have you tried to perform speed work and other coaches do stuff to goof up the needed recovery periods. So the “speed” workout becomes an intensive interval workout and not a speed workout. Do you use smaller groups? Run speed work one at a time? When working one on one or with a small group it is no problem but when working with the team or positions is when trouble usually rears its head.

We covered this on the old forum. the linemen are the pure sprinters of football as their execution is at 100% all the time. As said above- a limited no of short sprints with full recovery is best. “Gassers” are bad news!

Thank you everyone for the help.:smiley:

I have a question concerning max velocity training for linemen. Should linemen ever train this component? (20-30m flys) I know that they almost never experience this in a game, but does this training influence their ability to accelerate over 10-20m?