Speed-bounding to teach better arm-range?

Do you think speed-bounding could help teach a sprinter better arm-range?
For instance doing 2-3 sets of up to 10 bounds from a standing start before the actual running.

Resisted starts get the arms working extremely well. If early in the season you can make them heavy.

Speed Bounding could be used to teach better arm action (most drills will if correct arm action is focused on) but it is probably not the best. When doing speed bounds athletes often experience sideways rotation in the air and the arms will be used to balance.

The best way to teach better arm range is to be concious of it throughout all drills and workouts. Practice makes perfect.


thor i wouldn’t use bound sto teach arm range,bounds are for decreasing GCT.in your case its a slight technical flaw which can be corrected true sprinting itself with a watchful eye.the initial shots you posted months ago showed you have sound mechanics but you’ve just been concentrating on the wrong areas and picked up some minor flaws.

while running just stay loose,feel the sensation of full range again as you had months ago.whats your flexibility like this weather,upper and lower?

I’m running indoors now so the weather is no longer an issue.
I know that if I’m patient the full range will happen. I’s all in the approach and it’s getting better. At one time I was actually trying to move my arms and legs faster when coming out of the blocks than when doing drills for frequency! At least that’s in the past.