Speed and Strength Limit/Power

What’s correlation between Limit Strengt and Speed/Sprint and between Strength-speed and Speed/Sprint and Speed-strength and Speed/Sprint?

The Speed/Sprint factor cannot be increased, meaning that you do Speed-
strength training only to maintain your current speed?
But what about when you lose your recruitment speed? By for example
training all the time only for Max. Strength, this can be regained
right? but still it cannot be increased??

What do you mean with Strength-speed training and Speed-strength training?

The correlation would depend on more than one variable, to include bodyweight, body composition, biomechanics, and where the individuals strengths exist along the F:V curve.

In short; limit strength characterizes an individuals capacity to produce an all out maximal effort, independent of time, against a max loaded or immovable implement (eg powerlifting)

Strength-speed characterizes an individuals capacity to exert force against a high resistance (eg OL lifting)

Speed-strength characterizes an individuals capacity to exert force against low resistance (eg throws)

‘Generally’, you may view the development of the above abilities within the following parameters of %1RM.

Limit lifts- +90%1RM
Strength speed- 70-90%1RM
Speed strength- 40-70%1RM

In my opinion, as Charlie is truly the most qualified to speak to sprint speed development, up to a certain point sprint speed may always be increased independent of what abilities are developed in the weight room. Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis are prime examples of this, as Ben’s limit strength was fantastic, as indicated by 1RM’s, and Lewis’, to my knowledge, did NOT even perform limit lifting and very little weight training at all. Yet the 100m times of both men was very comparable.

The only athletes to whom lifting weights is a SPECIFIC means of strength/skill development are OL weightlifters, powerlifters, and strongmen (to a degree), to every other type of athlete lifting weights is a GENERAL means of strength/skill development.