Specific Needs

We are starting up this section to see how we can cater to the specific needs of this group and how it varies from the needs of the younger athletes. Fire away!

oh ok I get this thread is in the masters forum

Yes, we now have a master’s thread. I’m surprized its been this long!


This will be a good forum. I’ve worked with a masters sprinter for the past year and a half (via e-mail and a few drop in visits as he is in Calgary) and we are getting some great results using Charlie’s short-to-long program concepts. He’s getting better as he ages.

Could you give us some guidelines as to what works for him? Such as only two speed days a week perhaps? Weight training timing? Special endurance timing? How old is your guy?

Just full of questions today, eh?

See my comments under the CF Products Poll. Masters training requires a lot more recovery/regeneration and treatment.

The good thing about many masters runners is that they have the financial means to get their recov/regen treatments done on a regular basis.

Additionally, they seem to enjoy travelling to meets all over North America in warmer climates and getting good race conditions.

As Charlie mentioned, we are very careful about volumes of work in sessions. We are typically backing off from a lot of the planned work. And many times, unplanned breaks are welcome to give more recovery for the athlete (in this case, a masters athlete has to travel for work commitments, spend time with the family, etc.). So we do not fret about a few missed workouts here and there.

Do you have any schedules of masters meets for this year. My girlfriend is a former 200 runner, and is looking to get back to being competitive. We live in Tampa, FL. Thanks!

This could be very interesting

I assume by Masters we mean 40 plus?

I find that even many amateur athletes in their late 20’s need much more recovery than those younger athletes.

Masters is 30+

Does this mean that Supervenomsuperman will make a comeback? :eek: I can allready hear the Rocky Theme music!

As a master Oly lifter and jav thrower the most difficult thing is knowing when to end a session of something you love to do. More ain’t better.

And as CF said R&R becomes even more critical since an injury can make a bigger chunk of the season dissappear.

If you want to go “flat out” at the masters thing, make sure it is with things that can do no harm! That means diet, rest, and therapy. as no2 mentioned, fortunately, many masters athletes have the financial ability to go after these areas in a way that would make most younger athletes jealous!

True -
But they have stresses that many younger athletes don’t too!!

Wife, kids, morgage!!!

attn Rupert,

I have noticed that when you look up peoples birthdays on the calendar you can also add in event dates! Would it be possible for you to do the exact same calender for only events! This way users can post events and times of their meets. So to recap there would be two calendars! I think a second one without birthdays and events would be beneficial to compare athletes of the CF nation. When time is available for you of course.

Good points esp the bit about unplanned recovery. I find the biggest thing though is to accept it and not get mentally beat up about losing a session.

there is always the next day… :slight_smile:

Not when you are anally retentive about schedules HAHAHAHAHAHA :smiley:

I have not added plyos for my hill days yet. I am sure this is highly individual as far as volume goes. What are some volumes that work for this age group?


Age group? There’s a huge spread here with a range from those who can continue with plyos (barely) to those who should steer well clear!