Special Endurance


we have just started special endurance runs.

We got a little enthusiastic and decided to go straight into 300m sprintsx2 with about 25-30min rest between the runs.

Anyway have done two sessions, but all 300m runs have just been way to slow.

Have run 36.5 for all of them. The first time I ran the two weeks ago, it was in wind and rain and I was buggered.

Last week when I performed them, I was barely fatigued at all (especially when compared to the week prior).

My pb for a 300 is 34.3 (run a few years ago when training for 400m) and to be honest I think I am just running them too slow to try and save myself a little, which backs the fact that I actually found the run easy even though I thought I was going pretty quick.

My question is (after all that) should I do a split run and get some speed happening (as 36s is soooo slow) or should I persist and show some guts and run flat out from the start of the 300m and see what happens?


show some guts. what are you holding back for?
i find that “saving yourself” does not lead to any significant pickup on the kick, it just makes you run slower in the beginning. if you are going to get tired either way, you might as well run you fastest while you’re at it- my humble opinion.

Go all out and hold nothing back. You can’t train slow and race fast. Plain and simple.

You develop a kick by running fast, not running slow.

ok well I will have a crack at it running as quick as I can from the start and holding nothing back…well consciously anyway.

My next 300m is this friday after my first race of the season to ensure I have enough volume for this week.

Looking for a significant improvement :slight_smile:

Try the following :slight_smile:

  1. Go out hard and try to stay relaxed for the last 100 meters.

  2. When you start to feel yourself tighten up compact your arm swing slightly and stay relaxed while maintaining the same cadence.

Good luck!



You said you ran your 34.3 when you were training for the 400m. What are you training for now?

If shorter than the 400, maybe you should back off, hit some shorter SE (or broken runs) and build up to 300m in a few weeks.

If your speed is good enough, your problem might be that you’re going to far too soon.

Sprinterl I think you are right, but that doesnt mean I can accept that I cant run as fast over 300m now then I could a few years back :smiley:

I am into competition mode now, so at the end of a comp I am going to smack out a 300 or 200m to get the requisite volume depending on my needs each week, I might break the 300m up into a split run and go from there once I start running them well.