Special endurance in the woods

Hello everybody, hope you´re doing fine!

Would like to hear some comments on an idea for the coming gpp, after indoors.

I found I course trough the woods, it´s about 350m, and I was thinking of using it during march/april.
The thing is, it´s not a flat road, but a course made by tractors driving there a couple of times a year. Upphills, downhills and flat.
It would become more like a 350m cross-countrysprint, working as specialendurance for 200/400m.

My wonders are about if it´s negative to the running technice, I will still be doing 2-3 trackdays…speed and short SE, just feels like this course could get the endurance up and get some variation from doing all work on track?

Good or bad idea? :eek:

Rather than sprint it, have you considered using it for conditioning runs at a lower intensity?

Be careful of poor underfoot conditions that could cause you to twist an ankle. A walk through before every session might be advisable.

Thanks for the input gf_200, yes, the fear of twisting an ankle should be in mind.
Maybe lower intensity is better of, and some push up thoose hills, more like 350m fartleks, or two laps, like longer extensive tempo.

Although I watch out of going into middledistance ways, I miss runs in the woods, it´s hard, but at the same time kind of relaxing for the mind… :rolleyes: