Special End replaced by Pool or gym

If special end is not possible on the track or grass due to injury etc. would it be more advisable to use the pool or the gym to help maintain such endurance qualities?

The gym could use reps of 10-15 done in circuits and the pool could use aqua jogging at a fast pace for sets of around 30-60 seconds.

I would do a GS circuit or medball circuit (see medball thread or Davan’s training journal and of course CFTS DVDs).

As a swim coach I hate pool workouts…they are not effective unless they are slightly ground based and high knee aqua jogging only tightens up the hip flexors.

cheers but whats a GS circuit?

General Strength circuit.

Here are some excercises you could include whilst off the track depending on how restrictive the injury is and you personal needs.

Strength Endurance

From www.defrancostraining.com

[i]"50-Rep “Rhythm” Squats – This is a little-known exercise…Try to go as heavy as possible… A good goal is 90 - 100% of what your max full squat is. Basically, you will perform 50 quarter-squats as fast as possible. Due the first 10 reps exploding onto your toes, then on reps 11-20 keep your heels down on the way up, then, explode onto your toes again while performing reps 21-30, keep your heels down for reps 31-40 and then finish the final 10 reps by exploding onto your toes again. It helps to have a partner count out loud so you can perform all 50 reps as fast as possible without breaking momentum. This is a great exercise for athletes with a poor elastic component. It is also a bitch!

WARNING: You may not be able to feel your legs when you’re done. TOUGH SH*T! Do them anyway! They work.

Note: You can also do this exercise with bands attached to the bar. This will help…by accelerating the eccentric portion of the lift…The bands also help in this exercise because they hold the bar down on your neck. Anyone who has done this exercise knows one of the drawbacks is that the bar has a tendency to bounce up and down on your neck once you get the “rhythm” of the set going. The downward pull of the bands helps to prevent the slightly uncomfortable feeling of a heavy barbell exploding up and down on your cervical spine!"[/i]