I’m currently following the GPP protocol in GPP essentials (week 4 now) and honestly, no matter how much I sprint my hamstrings are extremely sore for days - so sore that it’s hard to walk. Not just my hamstrings though, my glutes, hip flexors, calves, posterior tibialis, etc.I’ve been doing flat work for awhile instead of hills due to lack of hills, but just did hills today and after 40m x 12 my body just felt like it was destroyed and I’m sore for 72 hours. Doing tempo the day after doesn’t help at all either. Is there a trick to keep active always and work through the soreness to build better tolerance?

One thing I notice is I have ‘nocturia’ - this is excessive urination in the night. Every 2-2.5 hrs I wake up and pee. Also, I wake up to any foreign noise that may occur. I suppose some silicone earplugs might help with that. Could this be seriously impeding on my recovery? I eat healthy, stretch, epsom salt, etcetc. I mean if I were to do Weights + speed in the same day I’d be totaled and it’d take me even longer than 72 hrs to recover possibly. Any advice would be nice!

Do what you can cope with and build from that. The ‘template’ is a guide / example not a plan.

Do you know what’s causing your nocturia? Could there be an underlying health problem that’s causing both soreness and nocturia? Hyperparathyroidism can result in both of these symptoms, for example.

How would one get that tested, robin? (Hyperparathyroidism)

See your doctor.

Ah my doctor’s useless. Her solution to cure my excessive urination was to “stop drinking before 6pm”. Switching doctors is easier said than done.

I used to get brutally sore glutes and hams after speed sessions so I switched to ultra low volume speed and weights and made the best speed and strength gains of my life. There was a thread here about some guy who only did speed work once a week, weights 3 times a week and tempo 2 days a week who ran a pr at age 34. I liked his setup and adopted a modified version for myself. Even if you are very sore after your speed session, then you have a whole week until the next speed session. On paper it seems like too little volume, but try it, you will be amazed at your progress.
Remember too much volume will cause your body to simply adapt to the ability of handling a lot of volume, Less truely is more when it comes to sprinting.

I gave up going to doctors a couple of years ago. They are great for draining your wallet and wasting your time!!

That’s exactly as I was thinking. The volume he used was likely well beyond his current capacity or need. Cut the volume significantly and the recovery will be possible and good results will come.

Just do what major said, lower volume, maybe avoid speed until you are no longer sore. Alternate between bodyweight circuit and tempo session until your body body has recover. After that start over with 50% less volume or cut a speed day.

The lower volume thing have been my story too, at 30 I can still squat more than 400 and I am as fast as I ever been with a bw of 210-215 instead of 165-185 in university.

Update: got bloodwork for calcium, PTH, etc. Everything was normal.

Lesson: speed work can hit you like a truck

Yep, loss of sleep is one of the symptoms of over training or being stressed. Take it steady, these workouts are a lot harder they look on paper, especially when following a full programme. Take care and let us know how things progress.