Sore soleus

What’s the best way to help a soleus recover quickly??? as in stuff I can do myself, my soleus are really sore, and I have a training session tomorrow.

Any suggestions???

well the training came and went, anyone have any suggestions???

I’ve had a lot of problems with this myself. You’ll probably have to address a couple areas.

Needless to say, you should massage the soleus. The best tool I’ve found for this is the foot baller made by Trigger Point Technologies.

You should also make sure the muscles in your feet are not in spasm. If the muscles in the arch of the foot are in spasm, they can’ t handle their share of the work, and the extra load gets shifted to the calf muscles. This was the key for me. The foot baller can be used for this as well, along with the trigger point ball sold by the same company. But be warned. If the muscles in your feet are tight, applying pressure to them will be VERY uncomfortable at first, so take it easy.

There may also be underlying biomechanical problems elsewhere causing extra load on the soleus. Check the gluteus medius and minimus in the upper, outer part of your hip. I’ll bet if you apply pressure there it’ll be pretty tight and tender, like the feet. This is very common in runners.

I hope you find this helpful.