Sore quad and a meet this Sunday! Help!!

My quad has been slightly bothering me for about 3 days now.

It first started to hurt on my last rep of tempo 3 days ago. It feels like a mild strain but I still have some tenderness there. What is odd is that the next day it felt fine. I did a speed/weight workout and it felt great.

Then when I did tempo again yesterday I could feel it near the end of the session again.

This morning I have a little localized tenderness/soreness right in the center of my quad. I have a meet on Sunday (100meter) and am scheduled to do another speed/weight workout tomorrow but am wondering what I should do? I was going to taper and do about 1/2 to 2/3rds the volume I normally do but I am considering not doing speed at all tomorrow and just do a warmup/strides/drills and hit a couple of block starts on Friday.

What do you think? should I make an attempt at speed tomorrow?

Your opinions are appreciated!!


warm-up and rest.


rest the quad untill it feels better before you push hard again. For the meet on Sunday do a real easy message to get the blood flowing

Thanks guys, that’s what I’ll do. It feels pretty good now but I have to rest it heheh.

I am dying to do speed though haha :slight_smile:

dont go back to the training that made it hurt at one swing, start it lightly and progress slowly and you are back on fullforce at no time!