Sons Performance

Yes. Sorry I shoulfhave posted the result

He came 2 in the Junior Boys 100 m with a time of 11.36.

Juniors comprise athletes who are less than 16 years on 31 Dec 2006. My son is just 13 and was running against mainly 15 year olds. In the finals of the 8 runners 6 were 15 years, one 14 and my son. That is why we are quite thrilled with his result. He has another 2 years to run in this grade.

WOW. Very impressed. 13 years old and running 11.36… Very talented sprinter you have on your hands!

thanks it was good to catch up with yet another person from :smiley: I am quite impressed with 11.36 into -1.3 after 3 rounds. Man when I was 13 I would not of broken 13s and your kid is not too far off from breaking 11 :eek: . He has potential, make sure any future coach you get him will help him to continue to improve and most importantly not run him into the ground (overtrain).

The kid who won juniors is a real talent, he strained his abductor or something and still managed to win.

yea and wind for me was -1.6. Real good that you did not have him do the 200. 4 200s in 2 days is murder, in the final I got into the blocks and just started to cramp up lol :stuck_out_tongue:

see you in timaru john!

I’ll be pleased to be only 2.5 sec in the 100 & 6.5 seconds in the 200m behind you :eek: :o

yolvin is your son Yarride Rosario?

And 11.37 (-0.2) for a 13 year old is full on crazy, geez, and whats more hes not 100% healthy.

did you know your son has the world 12year old record for 200m!!!

It is listed in a website. Not sure if it can be called a world record, but it is up there, so we are really proud of that performance. It was at the NI Secondary School Champs in April.

How have you been going?

As you should be, has a NZer ever been rated that high at any age under 1500m?

Your phone will be ringing flat out with offers if he beats the achievements of the next 3 age groups :slight_smile:

13 22.20 1.4 Xavier Carter USA
14 21.20 1.9 Darrel Brown TRI
15 20.58 1.4 Usain Bolt JAM
16 20.13 0.0 Usain Bolt JAM
17 19.93 1.4 Usain Bolt JAM
18 19.93 1.4 Usain Bolt JAM
19 19.88 0.4 Usain Bolt JAM

Trust you had a good Christmas and all on track for Colgate. How is his leg?

It was quiet. His coach gave him Christmas Day off from training with the instructions not to eat too much :slight_smile: He says his leg is okay. I think it gets a bit sore if he over exerts.

Yea I just was given the link and saw his name on it, I was pretty stunned none the less :smiley:

I have been pretty quiet on this forum (no more training journal) but I am confident of some huge pbs going into january.

Are you and your son going to inglewood (U16,U19,SM champs?)

Have not decided as yet. The person helping him wants to take him. We’ll see after the Colgates

I saw a video on youtube of your son Yolvin, he looks real fast. I assume you’ve seen it but if not I can send you the link.

I have only seen results for NI, looks like he did pretty good. 1st in 100 & 200 and 2nd in 400m. I bet he was stuffed after that. Did you go to Nelson?

No I have not seen it. Would love to get the link. Would appreciate it if you could send it.

No I have not seen it. Would love to get the link. Would appreciate it if you could send it.

We did go to Nelson. He won 3 gold (100, 200, 400) and silver in the LJ. We had scratched him from the LJ at the NI because of the knee, but he wanted to do it at the SI.

However, his times were not too flash.

i cant find this video of yolvin, can you send it captain pain.

Another season has come to an end with the North Island Secondary School Champs in Auckland last weekend. He did well winning the Junior (u14) 100s and 200s and setting new records in both of them.

100 11.18 (old record 11.70)

200 23.09 (old record 23.46)

At the start of the season his goals were to get 11.20 in the 100s and go under 23 in the 200s. So I suppose he achieved one of his goals.

It has been a bit of an up and down season affected by injuries. Will be looking at a reconditioning programme through winter (southern hemisphere) and chalk up a plan of competition for next season.

Good work. I take it his knee is a lot better.

You aren’t going to ChCh are you?

He has a doctor’s appointment for later in the month, That will let us know how it is. It still hurts him slightly if he overexerts.

Yeah, we have decided not to go to Chch. Have done enough travelling for one season (and spent enough money :slight_smile: ). All the best to your daughter.

We will probably be at the SI Colgates in Chch early next year. It will be my son’s last Colgates.