Sons Performance

The athletics season has started again and my son is back in training. Suffered a slight injury during the winter (southern hemisphere) playing rugby and has a national soccer tournament in the third week of December. So his athletics training is hampered a bit. However, he is running mid to low 11 secs (11.4 -11.5). So we are happy with his early season form. He has set his goal at 11.2. He is currently 13 years, so we feel that will be challenging. His first major meet will be the Colgate Games in early January. However, as that will be just 2 weeks after his soccer, not sure how he will go.

So not doing National SS in ChCh?

No. Contemplated it, but decided to give the Federation Soccer tournament a go this year and do the Seondary Schools next year. Thought of doing both but figured it would be too exhausting. Sad in a way, because the SS would have given a good indication of where he is at. However, may come for the SI Colgates. Have registered him and will decide after the NIs.

I think if he enjoys soccer (hes going to fed tournaments so he must be quite good?) this is a good plan. Also If he is 13 now he has 2 more years in juniors so missing this year wont matter.

Just to put my opinion on this is if he went to NZSSchamps and did 11.4-11.5 he would make the 100 final and have a good chance to medal. If he reached his goal of 11.2 he would either win or come second as I only know of one juinour who does about 11.2-11.3.

Yes that was our thinking - that he has two more years in the juniors so he can go back. Next year he will need to make some big decisions.

BTW wish you all the best for the NSS. Will try to follow your success. You will be running on home ground so expect you to murder the opposition :wink: .

found out on Thursday last week that my son has a partially rupture anterior cruciate ligament. The doctor initally banned him from all activity for 6 months from the time of injury. This would have kept him, out till april, thus missing almost the entire athetic season. We persuaded the doctor to reexamine him and now he can do the sprints but nothing else. Thus he had to pull out of the soccer federation tournament and he cannot do the long jump this season (which is a bit of a disappointment because he was jumping over 6 metres in practice). However, we are now trying to get to Chch for the NZSSA champs this weekend. so that could be the upside.

Haha, thanks for the encouragement!

Thats bad news, but looking on the bright side he’ll still be able to stay active. By the way entrys close midnight tonight and scratching closes on midnight wednesday.

Have managed to get his entry in though it still doesn’t show up. Hope it has gone through.Am trying to arrange flights and accommodation. any ideas of accommodation close to QEII, though i assume most of that will already be taken,

:frowning: no good at all, just be careful that you dont aggravate things. FYI our best 14 yr old has a stress fracture in his back and is out for 4-6 months. :eek:

I dont know of any names, but if I were you I’d stay in the city centre (good food) and probably only 10-20minute drive to get to the stadium.

Is he doing the 100 and 200? If so there are now 4 races for both :frowning: so just take that into account

Thanks for that. Probably will do that.Yes we have registered him for both though am wondering whether to scratch him for the 200.

I would have him do just the 100 because the 200 takes a lot more effort from younger athletes. He will also have an advantage in the final when other athletes are coming into the race with cramps and muscle soreness from trying to do both :D. See you here next weekend. Sent you a pm please check.

Agree re 100 only for reasons Raps gives but also given injury less chance of furhter injuring him on the straight only.

We could have the junior 100m and senior 200m champs from …eh Raps :stuck_out_tongue:


Hope you are right :wink: No, we’ll be happy if he makes the finals. will keep you posted.

Look forward to seeing you run Raps and lets hope does produce a seniors champ.

Hope you are right

He did better than make the final :smiley: especially given the limited build up. How is his leg after he weekend?

We are really thrilled with his performance. thanks for all the good wishes. His knee did get a bit sore by the end but wasn’t too bad. It was good that he did not do the 200s as that would have really put undue pressure on the knee, and he would not have been able to mathc the strnght of the older students over that distance.

Once again thanks for the support and interest. it does mean a lot.

Caught up wiht Rapsmvp. He has a really fantastic running style. Was a reall pleasure to watch him.

Yeah he said you guys touched base. We could be at the same meet this weekend so will be interested to see how he goes if he makes it.

What happened? Any recent results?

Yolvin’s son got 2nd in Junior 100m in 11.36 wind was around -1.3 (I think) he has another year in that grade. Winner ran 11.31.

Raps was 2nd in senior 200m in 22.04 similar wind I think, certainly a head one.