Some questions about VANCOUVER 04 DVD

will theres more to the test i just gave the outline, if u r under then you would only deload so much, also you are taking note over a time period so if u come in and jump bad one day u just dont deload, but if u see ur jumps < over a two week period then deload. a tendon unit would be ideal, but the jump test works well also, bc if ur cns is fatigue u wont be jumping well.

sounds interesting, have you tried it?

no, but i will come sept when i start cf 7 week gpp.

Wonder if Charlie or anyone else can answer this. Are the Drills over 30m for Strength endurance performed before or after the unit of weights on the high intensity days. I’m thinking this would be the order:

3.Endurance Drills

Would that be correct ?

watch and pay attention to the dvd then report back.

[QUOTE=utfootball4]watch and pay attention to the dvd then report back.[/QUOTE

Heard CF’s comment that the Strength Endurance drills are at the end of the session as “nothings coming after that”. I find if in doubt consult you guys as it usually sparks off good debate and more good advice/ideas comes out of the discussions. Unless someone knocks it on the head of course.

why would you ever want to perform strength end earlier in the workout, if you ever done that kind of work you would that its not possible.


I havn’t I’m not that daft. It was just a double check, as you will have read I answered my own question. They are obviously long workouts, do you manage to fit everything in or do you split it up into 2 workouts in the day. I’m asking because most of my athletes work during the day they can only train in the evening. Just wondering if yourself or other site users have to reduce the sessions in any way and how do you go about that without compromising things too much.