Some questions about VANCOUVER 04 DVD

From: 31:45min - Illustration: „Effective adaptation period per training block”
1)What is exactly meant by the "conversion phase weights and accumulation phase weights? What does the set/rep scheme look like?

47:05min - Illustration: „training short to long”
2) Did i get it right that you can get into the lactic zone with stuff like 3x4x60m just because of short recovery ?

  1. What about top speed work:
    Are the 20f-20e-20f the only top speed work? Is it because its SPP1 (indoor) ?

  2. What does 20m finish drills from 40m build up mean? (i know this was already asked, but its still not clear to me…)

Thx for any answers in advance,


cf dont use conversion to power phase he was just letting u know how long u could use it for.

yes u can get lactic work from 3x4x60 bc u r not getting enough recovery btw sets and reps

20-20-20 is mainly for acc work

finish drills are just flying sprints = flying 20 with 30 acc zone etc. for example flying 20 with 40 acc zone = u would gradually acc over 40m hitting top speed at 40m then maintain and relax for 20m.

Ah, i see.

Thx for the answers.

so the finish drills are the work for top-speed, right?

yep ur right

Hey pjb was it you that said you were willing to show your spp workouts. Why not show it here, we all had to buy the dvd to be on this part of the forum. It would be interesting to compare to what I have planned, as I am new at this planning thing.

the plan was about the GPP.
For the SPP: There’s a full chart for SPP1 as a download from CF, so you can see if you are doing right,or? …

For SPP2+3 i hope that Charlie brings sth new out :slight_smile:

there something similar for the gpp also.

I have the charts. I changed my spp however to include a special endurance right from the beginning. I did that last year and it worked well for me. So i have componets of the short - long and long to short in my workouts.

sounds like you are talking bout end to middle- which i hate.

why do you hate it?

lol- guess bc i am a pure 60-100 guy, but really i think you could get the samething from cf pure short to long or if u must do longer slower runs just do the long to short. also in the other thread u mention < vol, how much are you < cf speed vol.

I agree with what you are saying. I keep a cap on speed, I monitor my times and when they drop , Im done, as soon as you have that drop off, youre not teaching youre body anything useful. Also the long runs that ill be doing wont the 600s its more of 200’s. Its an oppurtuninty to give my body an easier time or slight rest and to get a speed workout. Also I live in vancouver were its not really cold, just rainy and wet so pure speed is hard to do every high intensity day.

ok sounds good, so lets say someone done have any timing device what would u do. i assume u saw te vancouver dvd, im i right when about cf thoughts about all runs should be smooth and relax - should never tell an athlete to go all out etc. if thats the case is all run in the 95% zone. im really curious to see will my body be able to handle those spp speed vol.

Yeah its always better to stay relaxed when sprinting, When you try to go all out what always ends up happening you tighten your body. When that occurs you might get a little faster for a short bit but in the end die out and loose or run slower. Its best to practice this traight from the beggining in the gpp. Look at the picture in the anylyse this thread of obikwelu. Hes relaxed while everyone around him is tight, so what happens he blows buy them.

Also if you run tight you look constipated and that cant be good for the ladys.

Unfortunatly if you dont have a timing device youre kinda screwed in that aspect. I assume you train alone then, try and drag one of your buddies out, or at least find a coach that you can work with that will understand that you know what you want to do and hes there to watch and time you. Personaly i drag my gf out.

back to vol setup, i think you have to have some kind of setup and vol bc if u dont how can u ever taper, if u r bounce all over the place for ex: 250-300-350-200 etc.

i have a training partner now, my gf wouldnt want to be at the track for the amt of time i am there -lol.

I agree with the volume set up, I have that. But like charlie says just cause its written down doesnt mean its written in stone, you always have to gauge how your body feels day to day.

Try the rectal temp gauge that was mentioned in another thread :eek:

not sure if u ever heard of this but i know some coaches that have had success with it: fatigue regulation test each cns day:vj or broad jump to test the neuro muscular system before workouts just to get an ideal of how you should train that particular day. for example if u r 2-5% above ur standards train all out, 2-5% below de-load that day. you would keep notes and if u see< over a 2 week period then < vol

also you have to note that you wont feel great everyday and i dont think that u should change ur whole workout but if it is a repeat of events then i would make the change.

No I have never heard about, what does it involve. My concern would be that knowing this information might be self defeating. If you know youre fatigued, you would go to easy to not harm yourself, or if youre reading is high the youll try to hard, and not be relaxed and hurt yourself. Just my thoughts, you might not have had those experiences.