Some advice for new custom program

Alright I am going to post something similar to the charlie francis forum to see what they say.

So I do plyos, dots and ladder work for agility before I do basketball training on MON AND WED.

The Plyo Workout is as follows (changes some after a few weeks but not much)

2 x 20 ankle hops
2 x 10 split squat jumps
2 x 10 large cone hops
2 x 40 yard medicine ball broad jumps
2 x 10 box jumps (2nd largest box)
2 x 10 plyo pushups
2 x 30 medicine ball sit-ups
2 x 30 Seated Chest Pass With Partner
2 x 30 sec side to side small box jumps

So basically this workout is about 30-40 mins and has around 140-150 contacts.

So I do plyos mon and wed what should I incorporate on my other days. I also have aau tournaments on weekends not every weekend like our states for aau is on may 13 and thats my next tournament.

max squat-240 (kelly told me before that I need to get this to about 315 range) so i want to accomplish that also.
max deadlift- 240
max bench- 180

Im hoping someone real knowledgeable can help me out like Kellyb or some one else since there alot of knowledgable people in this forum


i know this may be not what you want to hear but i think that you should focus more your strength since a squat of 240 is rather low. Not sure how old, tall or how much you weigh. That may change my answer. Also, you will get alot of plyometric/jump work just playing basketball. Focusing on getting stronger through squats,deadlifts, cleans will do more for you explosion/jumping ability than plyos at this point in your devolopment in my opinoin.

Rate of force development is exceptionally important, especially in a sport like baseball. However, if you can’t produce much force in the first place, increasing RFD won’t do too much for you. Deemphasize plyos and cut that volume way down. Get way stronger in the lifts you gave above. Add special emphasis to your whole back musculature, posterior chain, core, forearms, and work for shoulder strength/health. Your back is much more important in baseball then your bench press, so treat it that way. If you want a basic template that is very easy to follow,(I don’t have time to give you one) go to and use the westside for skinny bastards template. For the most part, I would switch the schemes for the pressing exercises with pulling, and vice versa. This will give your back priority. Let me know if you have any questions.

This is just my opinion but the plyos should be a lot less and alot simpler. Plyos are not a work out. They are a supplement to your training program. You should be focusing on your speed and skills. You will get plenty of plyos playing ball…

What are you looking to accomplish? What does the rest of the week look like?

can someone help me get a program started

i would really appreciate and i would like to start by mon but also i think plyos help alot for me during the summer

and also i am 6’5" so i have a harder time with lifts like squats but i love to train

go on to and follow his westside for skinny bastards like someone else here recomends. The program is outlined completely for you.

I my opinoin less is more when plyos are concerened. They should be concerend as a supplement to you weight training and running. I would say at the most 2x a week looking something like this
Power skips- 3 sets 30 yard
Jumps over cone 3 sets 10 reps
Tuck or squat jumps 3 sets 10 reps
That would be the max amount of work id recomend for a person at your level. But definatley go to Defrancos site and get on his skinny bastard program it will work well for you.

The best way to get Kellyb to help you out would be to post, “Kellyb, can you help me out?” The direct line is the easiest line.