So what do you do with all your medals?

Just kind of curious as to what you guys (and girls) do with all medals/trophies that you have won over the years competing.

Me personally, I have no choice but keep them at the moment as they are displaced all around my moms place. I feel it’s tacky and somewhat showboating.

I mean, maybe I would be somewhat proud if the medals were real (ie, real gold) but it’s nothing more then cheap plastic with my name on it.

When my mother passes away she has no idea that i’m going to coldly put all medals in a box and throw it away. I’m a minimalist and I don’t believe in holding on to things for sentimental reasons.

Anyhow, and a bit off topic, I think high school and collage place winners should get a basic paper certificate and some of the meet money. I just don’t get it, a lot of money goes into the meets and the hard working athletes get nothing but a cheap medal they can’t even take to the pawn shop.

Donate them to the local YMCA or other non-profit. They can replace your name and give them out, saving them money.

We got all our kids trophies together and told them to take what they wanted as the rest were getting thrown out, two boys each only kept their JRL champion player boxed medal. The rest got put in the rubbish bin -------- to be awarded a second hand trophy must make the receiver feel like shit.

Good Idea!!! Thanks.

Interesting topic.
I think it is very important to have some place big or small represent the accomplishments you have had in your life. Athletics included.
I do not think displaying your medals anywhere but each of us might find a place that makes sense for you.
Why is this show boating? Why not be pleased with evidence of time and energy and therefor money that has been spent trying for something.
I do not love that trophies and medals are often poorly manufactured but imagine that each one is part of something greater. A love, or passion or accomplishment or efforts you made.
Donating the un wanted , less interesting medals and trophies to charities is an excellent idea and great way to give something back.

You can ask anyone of a thousand athletes over here from Jana Rawlinson and Dani Samuels to a non achieving kid at any local club and they all will say I lent them a hand. Giving away my own and my kids trophies to be recycled, also knowing that most of the kids know same are recycled because someone has to announce a thank you.

I kept nothing, 100m club record was run at a fast jog.

but I guess it’s each to their own. :slight_smile:

They don’t know they’re recycled, and there are kids in this world that would be happy to receive any acknowledgement of their accomplishments, great or small. Throwing things away is a total waste. If you don’t want it, don’t accept it in the first place.