So Are Squats Needed in a Sprint Program?

I read that squatting and sprinting debate thread in the forum somewhere and it looks like squats are really needed for a sprinter.

yet others insist you do them for max strength and size gains!

however, the equipment what i have does not allow me to go heavy on my squats.

so would it be alright if i don’t do full squats? if i need to do squats, it is alright to go medium weight for mid reps (8-12reps)?

thanks in advance, looking forward to what some have to say…

If you read Barry Ross’s stuff, he claims you don’t need to squat, but deadlift. There have been posts here about it or go to his website. This might be better for you, given your situation.

Barry Ross’s site.

why is that?

basically all i did was put extensions on a benchpress rack so it is difficult to bring it out and put it back in. and if it is too heavy and i need to put it in, it is fairly difficult. and there is no safety catches either

I agree with the this.

ahh Barry Ross, the guy who now claims not just Ben and Mo would go faster with his training, but Asafa and Gatlin too!

But seriously, Ross has some great theories and his book is decent (although it does little to get into detail on sprint workouts, the theory he lays out is nice). I have been doing workouts similar to what he recommends (but in some ways very different) and I have had success. Whether that is because I actually am getting nice weather and I have reduced the volume (therefore increased overall intensity) or whether it is just modules of his program coming out, who knows, but something is going right in training, or so it seems.

I actually wanted to bring back up one of the Ross threads or start a new one to hopefully start some more discussion on his theories in improving MSF, especially the daily (or near daily) lifting at 90+% on DEADLIFTS! I personally cannot imagine doing 90+% on deadlifts more than twice a week for a given time period, let alone 3+ a week for an extended period of time (and still improving) lol, but who knows.

I agree here also. I think Ross’s stuff works great for beginners but once you can deadlift 400+ I think you will get into trouble doing 90% deadlifts even twice a week. In fact, I sometimes do snatch grip deadlifts and I have trouble doing them once per week. Ideally I would do them every ten days or every other week.

Ah now that I think about it, I almost ruined my spine doing Ross’s/Pavel’s deadlift routine going into a powerlifting meet. My max is 550 and I was training every couple days at high percentages. At the meet, my back gave out (surely due to overtraining this way). Thankfully there was no serious damage, just needed some good chiro work.

Barry Ross is a clown. He claims he can get everyone faster with deadlifts.

I agree with you on so many points. First off, I followed a program similar to what he advocates before he even started publishing on the internet (or at least, that I knew about). My deadlift shot up quickly from 335 to 405 in 4 weeks. It didn’t improve at all in the 4 weeks after that! Now, I am doing deadlifts 2x a week and I rarely go over 400lbs (a tad below 90% for me) more than once a week. I was questioned about this over there by some coaches who have multiple athletes at 3x BW on deadlift, but only one guy under 11.50FAT (and that guy does “football” strength training w/ oly lifts, squats, etc.!). No one could accept that fact that POSSIBLY 90+% lifts frequently and continuously over a period >2-3 weeks at respectable weights can harm performance in the sprints.

On a side note, I have found my depth jumps and probably vertical have definitely improved. My top speed overall has improved, too, but that again may be from more top speed work, not the deads/depth jumps ;). I do recycle the intensity a lot more than he advocates and I vary the speed work more as well.

keep it nice. lol

i agree with you bc i also dl 550-600 depending on the time of year and i cant do dl no more then 4 weeks once a week before dropping them.

dude i seen ur training the reason why ur top speed is improving you have < overall training vol and focusing more on top development flying sprints and runs 40-70m, its not the damn dl and depth jumps r maybe i am just being bais-lol

I disagree with some of what is being said here. It is possible to do deadlifts 3x a week with percentages of 90% and above for an extended time. Even at weights of 500+. I have done this for over a year and a half and continue to have success in the weight room and on the track. -S

You do heavy deadlifts 3x a week for extended periods of time?? I must say that you are the only person I’ve ever heard of doing that (besides some old dude around here that used to max bench,squat,dl every weekend).

Keep the conversation reasonable. Like him or not, he’s generated alot of debate here on this site- read through the thread- there’s plenty to think about there.

What are your results pre-training like this and up to this point? Deadlift? 100m? etc.

i dont think that anyone thing in your program will make are break you but squats can be a great excercise. in the end though they are just a tool to attack a problem and there is more than one way to skin a cat.

well said james, could not have said it any better.

You can do this if you’re only doing singles or maybe doubles with 90%, but if you’re doing triples, you will burn out quickly. Look at David W.'s buffering article for more on this.
I had a debate with Ross about his loading parameters on his forum, when asking if he used Prelipin’s chart for loading his athletes. I don’t agree with his parameters, especially with athletes lifting heavier loads. He disagrees with the whole CNS burnout issue.

Before this program I hadn’t done a deadlift before. Although when I started it wasn’t my first year weight training. I built my deadlift up from 225 to 545lbs.

Due to injuries during the spring/summer I haven’t been able to get outdoor times, but my 60 has drop from 7.33 to 7.04. During the season I was running a new pb each week before injury, so 7.04 surely was not going to be my best for the season. The injuries were unrelated to Barry’s program. -S