so a bad thing?...

i have not a lot of time in this period (examen) and i start SPP.
i noticed that in high intensity day i spent a lot of time:
30’ WU
1.30’ work
10 Rest
20’ weight
20-30’ EMS

more the time i lose on the road to go on the track, the shower and so on.
but i lose only 1 hour on low intensity day.
is possible to do for example something of high intensity day, on low intensity? for example EMS or upperbody weight?

any advice?thanks

So your workout takes 3 hours? Please realize that Charlie’s program was designed for a high level (professional) athlete. Like I said before, at your level, I would decrease the “work” and possibly eliminate the EMS.

What are you doing in your sprinting that takes 90 minutes after your warm-up?

hes one of my athletes, the 2x10x40 is normally a longer workout.

in the short to long program the first week is:
2x 30 m 3.5 rest
3 x (4x60) 2.5’ rep 7’ Set
4 x 30 m strengh endurance. 3’ Rest

if i cut the volume i can do
2x 30 m 3’ rest
3x (3x60) 2.5’ rep 6 Set
3x30 m strenght endurance. 3’ rest

so i try to cut at aproximative 3/4 of volume?
and the rest at 90%?
it’s correct?
i try to keep ems, i yet utilized it and i noticed a lot of improvement.

the last week in gpp the sprint work was 1.30’ + 30’ of Warm up.
i do the chart on GPP.
the SPP program whitout cut of volume was approssimatively 1.30 whitout warm up

There is no way you should be doing those volumes unless you are getting therapy practically daily and are being watched by a pro coach. That is just not a smart thing to do at all. The volumes there are written for a professional sprinter receiving therapy and doing nothing but training.

What are your bests like right now?

Thanks, so i cut 1/4 of volume.
i Don’t unDerstanD your question, my best are my best time?

What are your best times? Your personal bests, personal records, whatever you want to call them.

i’m a beginner.
my best time are:
12.6 on 100 m
7.75 on 60 m
4.25 on 30 m

now i don’t try 100 m, but 30 and 60 are worste (4.4 and 8’)