snc vs muscle in beginner

In the book and video, CF state that for a beginner is impossible (or very hard) to overload his SNC so the first year the training can be done (ipotetically) at high intensity (for the level). i hope i understand correctly (i’m not english speaker).

so, why in the first year, a beginner (but not a young people, for example I have 22 years) must train less than (for example), the graph on SPP or GPP?

if i can’t overload my SNC, is the muscle the problem? or there is something I don’t understand?

sorry if the question isn’t clear

You mean CNS (central nervous system) right.

yes…Cns in italian is SNC (sistema nervoso centrale). sorry

alright lol.

but…in general you understand the question?

Usually beginners don’t have the muscle patterns to maximise their CNS. As you get more advanced muscle patterns allow more loads on the CNS.

Hope you understand.

I understand a little bit but
my question is, if i can’t overload my CNS, why i must train less then a Advanced sprinter (who can overload)?

You need to give yourself time to develop proper technique and form.

it’s normal…but why the beginner must train less than advanced, if the first can’t overload the CNS?
beginner athlete: less intensity, no overload, than he must train at high volume!
but i have heard that a beginner must train at low volume. but i don’t understand the “why” of this

Perhaps because the beginner will lose form quicker while doing the high intensity sessions.
And you’re supposed to end the session before you start messing up your form.

thanks. now i understand.

Very well said :stuck_out_tongue:

It also takes time to build up capacity for work.
Particularly volume at the intensity required. You don’t want a beginner to do a lot of work once he is fatigued, or too much work at low speed which may build endurance but will kill speed.

It’s like a bell curve. First you train less overall, then more and more- and finally, at the highest possible levels, the volumes start to be reduced. The issue is muscular capacity first and after some time CNS capacity.

So, Mr charlie, a beginner like me, when see the chart of vancouver '04, how can manage the volume?
cut at 3/4 or try to do the max until his velocity decrease?
for example yestetrday I do
2x 30 m (like in short to long of vancouver, week I)
and 3x (3x60) (in the graph is 4x60), but
first 30 i run in 3.97
the second in 4.3

first 60 in 8.7 (intensity limit at 20)
the last in 8.6 (so i go better…for the form i think) so i don’t stop my training.

is a good choise, or I must do in other form?
thanks a lot

If you are relaxed and can maintain the speed you set out with- you’re prob ok but see how you feel after two weeks or so. if you’re still ok- keep going- if you are having problems, lower the vol and intensity for one week and then lower the vol slightly going forward

thanks a lot Mr Francis!
in GPp i noticed in the 4 week a diminuition in performance but i don’t lowered the volume, and it was an error!

ps. is the occasion to say thank you, whit your training I found a way to train that make me better, both phisically & psicologically!

ps2 sorry for my bad english