SNAC Proglycosyn heads up! is selling Proglycosyn for a pretty cheap price on their website. With shipping it comes to about $20 cheaper for a tub than what it’s being sold for on, just letting everyone know if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

It’s the best product of its type out there- so, if you can, get some. Use it only after very high intensity sessions.

Thanks for the heads up, Prophet!

What is its primary function, and are there any side-effects?

To hasten recovery by driving in essential aminos asap- using a dextrose type driving agent. Big swings in blood sugar are not recommended routinely, but restricting it’s use to after very intense work, can hasten recovery without any problems.

Thanks Charlie,
What age group or performance level would be appropriate for this product?

I’d wait to use it(and pay for it) when you have some Special Endurance background.

Thanks Charlie,
would you categorize this product as a speed and power product or an endurance recovery product?

I’d say Special Endurance or extreme Speed/power work.

Thanks Charlie

I bought 2 of these tubs. They are good. After running out I bought 2 tubs of biotest surge. I like the surge too but it has less protien /servring than the proglycosyn… Does anyone know if one is better than the other?


I remember some tests on proglycosyn and it was very pure and I had good results with it. i thought the Surge was pretty good as well but I’d give the edge to Proglycosyn. Just remember to use either for very tough and/or explosive workouts, not every day.

Would you use a post workout shake with fewer carbs on tempo days?

Like Charlie said use the Proglycosyn after extreme high intensity workouts, use a lower gi postworkout drink like cytofuse after relatively lower intensity high intensity workouts or just a whey protein shake and after tempo sessions stick to protein shakes containing micellar casein.


Isn’t cytofuse a mixture of dex and malto? Ultimately having a similar but not equat GI? I can’t see why this SNAC formula would be any more beneficial than those who already own cytofuse. I’m interested in your rationale though.

Thanks for the heads up.

I never said that Proglycosyn was more beneficial than Cytofuse, it is simply a tool to use in your supplement/nutrition protocols. The difference as far as I understand is that Proglycosyn causes a very high spike in insulin levels in the blood, thus the nutrients are forced into the muscles and are uptaken very quickly. As Charlie said, this is ok every once in a while but not after every workout for various health and performance reasons. Cytofuse causes a spike in the blood sugar levels but it is not nearly as high as the one caused by Proglycosyn. I would say Cytofuse can be used more often than the Proglycosyn because of this. The Proglycosyn should be used after very intense training such as setting new PBs in speed work or doing high volumes of speed work such as special endurance workouts.


I apologize, I should of stated that how would Proglycosyn cause a higher insulin spike than cytofuse? Is it because cytofuse is a mixture of dex/malto, and not pure dex like Proglycosyn is?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I don’t know. I’m just relaying what I have read from people who have done testing on the products.

I’m curious as to why

From my limited exposure to Cytofuse, its a great product.