SNAC Proglycosyn heads up!

Just did a search on Cytofuse and read that its been discontinued…is this true?
What are the benefits of this supplement? Is it just another type of protein? Don’t have exposure to those brands of supplements here in UK so I’m curious. If I can gain that edge then I may invest in a few tubs.

I am not sure about Proglycosyn, but have used Surge to great benefit. I would trust Charlie on this one. He has nothing to benefit from promoting SNAC products. The difference may be in the type or ratio of sugar used. Take for instance Vitargo(starch). It has a molecular weight 3000 times higher than dextrose with a higher osmolarity rate, therby increasing the gastric emptying rate. As a result, you replenish carb stores very fast. I have used Vitargo and within minutes I sweat, then get groggy like I need a nap. Definite sign of insulin reaction. Crazy stuff. I am currently looking to putting my athletes on Proglycosyn for intense days. Hope this helps.