Sleeping Issue

Lately when I have been going to bed, I find that I have a tendency to raise up my left leg and place the bottom of my foot near my right thigh (it forms a “four”). I attempt to maintain symmetry while sleeping, but raising my leg up tends to happen naturally. Is this the manifestation of tightness or lack of mobility in a given area? If so, how can I correct this issue?

It jsut sounds like thats what your body thinks is comfortable. But honestly i couldnt tell you if it was one of the things you ask about.

Dude I sleep like that all the time. Don’t worry about it.

i havnt heard much about that. but i know some athletes, including myself, will sleep flat on there back, and put a few pillows around you so you dont roll over asleep in an akward position and wake up stiff when you have a competition the next morning.