Sled Training / Recovery

Me and my good mate have really got into backwards sled pulling.

After about 2-3 reps of 50 yards (we do very strict form staying low) theres tends to be a difference in us. We both have relatively equal strength though our height differs greatly.

Anyway at this stage he will start to become a lot slower from the start of his sled pull and almost sustain this speed throughout the 50 yards.

Myself however I will blast through the first 25 yards easily then suddenly it will hit me and i struggle yelling in pain as I make the last 25 yards slowly whilst keepig form. I fall to the ground after each set.

After the workout he is very sore, yet I feel good.

What is the advantage I have over him? And how does it rate as far as how athletic we are.

I really do not know a good answer to this, maybe he is just overall less conditioned due to his soreness after the workout and your feeling good…maybe he should pull less till he can recover to the less distance or less weight, then move up to where you are now…if he is feeling dead after the dragging he may be going to far into the recovery hole and not able to recover fully by the time you pull again, therefore it might take him a while to adapt to your level…this is really a guess…as far as athletic ability, I would guess that you are better conditioned, due to the fact you seem to recover quicker from the same amount of work…who has been pulling/training longer? That is all I can add for now…hope this makes some sense and helps a bit…I know some people on this board could add much better insight!
Peace :cool:

There are many components to strength that vary far beyond absolute strength. To understand fully the exact reasoning for the differences I would need more info (such as the hight difference that you mention, weight, etc.). From what you describe, it sounds like your friend possesses greater absolute strength that remains constant with a gradual buildup and tapper. You, on the other hand, possess what is called explosive strength, or speed-strength. You are able to reach maximum velocity at a high rate of force developement. The explosive action tends to fatigue quickly, unless strength endurance (the ability to sustain muscular work) is enhanced.

As far as the soreness goes, your friend will most likely be sore due to time under tension. The absolute strength activity will involve max or near max muscle activity for a prolonged period of time (50 yds.) inducing greater muscle damage. Speed strength actions rarely recruit enough force to reach absolute strength, and the duration is shorter (about 25 yds.) before fatigue sets in.