Sled Traing for Acceleration

Is a correct Ciclyng (for SLED in Mesocycle PreSeason)?

Week One 2 x 3 x 20 metres sprints with SLED(rest between reps 1 minutes)
Week Two 3 x 4 x 30 mt sprints (90 sec)
Week Three 3 x 3x 40 mt.sprints (2 minutes)
Week Four 3x 3 x 30 yard sprints (3 minutes)

Is Sled,in my opinion, un Loaded Sports Moviments that can stregthen the muscles in a very specific manner.

The sled must be used to early in the preparation in 4 weeks(not more,abuse isn’t good) and not should be used in final of the preparation Preseason.

The weight must be light(without to vary acceleration mechanics).