skipping/jumprope exercises considered plyometric?

I apologize if this seems like a stupid question.

I am still working on full rehabing my heel and ankle from an injury last summer. It is going well so far but I have been giving thought to rope skipping to strengthen my ankles and heel a little more. Would skipping rope be considered plyometric?
It would be just straight double foot lands, no single foot hopping etc.

If I did this on my supp weight day would be there any negative CNS affects etc? I would do 3-4 sets with a minute at a time skipping.


Plyometrics are SSCs…elastic responses happen during walking so what I think is that there is a spectrum of tissue responses from a light stretch all the way to a demanding CNS response. I think a few minutes is fine but don’t do a rocky workout of a half hour with high knees.


I wouldn’t see 3 x 1 minute of skipping as overly CNS draining, if you feel you need it for further rehab (and you are reasonably proficient at skippping!).

Monitor how you feel closely. If it is impacting on your speed sessions adjust suitably.

Thanks guys, I didnt think it would be particularly draining but you never know!
I was planning to do it on supp weights and maybe one tempo day as part of a warmup…


I think skipping is so underrated for athletes, especially for team sport players.

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