Since Everyone Else Has One

Since everyone else has one I guess its about time I do one, after the current outdoor season I took a two week rest from workouts. Following the workouts I did a month cycle that look something like follows.

First 3 weeks
Monday - Speed, Main Lifts (bench, squat, clean)

Tuesady - Tempo, Circuit Training
Wednesday - SE, 40-60% Explosive Main Lifts
Thursday - Tempo, Circuit Training
Friday - Speed, Main Lifts

This Week
M,T,Th,F - Tempo, Circuit Training
W - Light Speed Work, 80% Main Lifts

Starting next week I will give a more detailed workout, I’m trying a different type of cycle structure than I am accustomed to using so we will see how it goes…

Bench - 300
Power Clean - 240
Parallel Squat - 350
100 - 11.29
200 - 23.28
LJ - 22’1
TJ - 42’1

Finally back on the track and in the gym after the off week, felt good to be back though I’ll have to wait until wednesday to get a good weightroom session in the mix. Here’s how today went.

Noon - Track Session

2x30 Standing Accelerations
2x30 From Block

5/8m rests for both of those


9/12m rests for those

The track went well I’m trying to space myself out a little more in the blocks, I have been using a bunched start, but I’m going to try using a regular start for a bit.

3PM - Weightroom Session

Bench Press 3x10 w/ 100lbs, 100lbs, 75lbs
Squat 3x10 w/ 70lbs, 70lbs, 45lbs
Power Clean 3x5 w/ 90lbs, 90lbs, 55lbs

Obviously with was an explosive workout, not a 5 year old girls workout. The explosion started to fall off a bit on the last set of squat and bench, maybe I’ll use 4 minute breaks next time we’ll see. I know for power cleans you dont get much out of it, but hey I still worked on some form which I need.

5PM - Junk Work

3x5 Box Jump - 2 sets standing, 1 set one step approach, using a 46.5 inch box, as I said the standing are standing meaning no movement of the feet until you jump.

3x5 Shock Jump - again off the 46.5 inch box, hey its the only box I got and I had to make it. and put concrete blocks under it to add some more height to it this year.

3 Vertical Jumps - just feeling good after the box jumps, and actually pr’d on my second jump at 37" wooohoooo. Once again vertical meaning no one step no half step, feet on the ground and measuring with arm fully extended and standing on my toes not my feet.

Jogging A & B’s 3x30m of each

Notes - all lifts and plyos done with 3 minute rest between sets.

Supplementation right now consists of a mega vitamin, calcium, and l-carnitine 1 hour before first workout.
3 grams of creatine after the last workout.
I add magnesium and zinc on race days because I have a terrible problem with cramping no matter the amount of fluids I use.
Also at bigger meets I will use vivarin.

Tuesday’s Workout Week 1 -

Noon - Weightroom Session

Front Squat
Calve Raise
Heel Raise
Lat Pulldown
Side Raise
Decline Flies
Bicep Curl
Tricep Extension
Leg Raise

Circuit Type Workout 2 sets of 10 for all
Exceptions: Leg Raise - 2x15 Situps 2x50
All work performed with 1 minute rest
All work done at 75% intensity (I prefer not to use percentage of weight due to poor conversions to actual weight lifted of some machines)

Notes: Overall a good workout, I noticed midway through that I may have been exerting too much effort in some lifts so I notched it back a little bit, but all and all I felt it was a good workout.

5PM - Track Session


Done at appx 70%

Notes: One of the first tempo sessions that I actually felt good in, I am absolutely terrible at maintaining speed even in light runs. Also I have been noticing some slight blistering on my foot during tempo, but once again a good workout.

Wednesday’s Workout Week 1 -

2pm - Weightroom Session

Bench Press - 5x5 w/225, 235, 240, 245, 250(only got 4)
ATG Squats - 5x5 w/225, 225, 245, 245, 245(only got 3)
Power Clean - 5x3 w/135, 155, 175, 195, 205(only got 2)

Notes - 3 min rests, the bench took a ton out of me (probably why you should do the more beneficial work first), absolutely exhausted after the workout.

The overall workload was by far the most of any of my sessions so far this summer.

6pm - Track Session

3x3x60m 4m/8m

All and all not too bad, started losing form on the last 2 reps of the last set.

9pm Junk Session

3x50m High Knees
3x100 Weightless Squats
6min Balance on Ball

Notes - Can barely walk now, but thats what I was trying to get out of the session so I consider it a good workout although the numbers started to fade in the weightroom session.

Thursday Workout Week 1 -

1pm Weightroom Session

S-Leg Extension
S-Leg Curl
S-Leg Press
Dumbell Military Press
Back Pulldown
Single Arm Dumbell Press
Incline Flies
Concentration Curls
Decline Situps
Twist Situps
Hanging Lateral Lifts

Circuit workout 2x10 for all except 2x20 for the ab work.

Once again at 75% intensity w/1m rest.

6pm - Treadmill Workout

6x20sec w/1m rest

Cut the treadmill workout short, due to pain I started to feel in my feet the day before, didn’t want to over do it.

Woke up with a lot of leg pain as well from the prior day workout, but did not affect the lifting at all. Should be back on pace tomorrow.

What does the S- mean in your first few exercises?

Single, sorry i just copied and pasted it from my excel sheet

Friday Workout Week 1 -

Noon Weightroom Session

Bench Press 3x6 w/140lbs
Squat 3x6 w/110lbs
Power Clean 3x4 w/110lbs

15sec between reps/3min for sets

Notes:still tight and sore from Wednesday’s workout but its starting to subside, of course this is another explosive/technique workout.

3pm Junk Session

8x 10 bounds w/ 7step approach
91’, 93’, 95’, 101’, 100’, 104’, 101’, 103’

5x1 Broad Jump
9’9, 9’6, 9’5, 9’10, 9’9

Notes:still sore, also the first time i’ve done the bounding test.

6pm Track Workout

2x30 Accelerations
2x30 Blocks




Notes: legs finally started loosening up during the 60’s. Actually felt like I carried most of the speed through the finish which is a first.

Looking good so far, keep it up.

I take it your event is the 100m? what’s your PB?

Thanx for your support, I have my pr’s at the bottom of my first post in this thread.

Monday Workout Week 2 -

Noon Weightroom Session

Bench Press 2x2 w/ 275, 285
Parallel Squat 2x2 w/ 280, 300
Hang Clean 2x2 w/ 185, 205

3min rest between sets

Notes - Bench and clean both went very well, I got 205 pretty easily to my suprise. Bench was also a nice suprise 285 went up both times without too much strain, looking forward to going over the 300 mark soon.

Squat on the other hand was a little rough, perhaps just not used to handling higher weights, some quarter squats are coming up so that should help out.

3pm Junk Session

Box Jump 3x5 2 sets from standing, 1 set once step approach 46 1/2 in box still
6x5 bounds w/ 7 step approach
47’, 48, 52, 53, 53, 52
3x2 Depth Jumps - 1 rep for height, 1 for distance

Notes - ripped open my shin during the 2nd set of box jumps, still landed on the box, just took off too close to it. Took a break got some ice, put some gauze on it, it swelled, but nothing that I couldnt fight through.

6pm Track Session

2x30m Accel
2x30m Blocks

5/8m rest


10/12m rest

Notes - Felt some tightness during the accelerations and blocks, but it went away as the workout progressed. Also some pain in the shin from the earlier incident. All and all a very good workout, I felt fresh and fast through all of the 60’s so thats a good sign, however it took about 2 hours to complete so it was a long day, but well worth it.

I commend you from not getting mad and destroying your box.

Do you really need such big rest periods for your running at this point?

Trust me, the box may have thought it won this war, but I am not one who is soon to forget, it will get wats coming to it.

The rests might be a tad long for this early on, but I dont think its really out of place. I choose to keep them a little long because the track workout is the last workout do to heat and times I can get in the weightroom, so I want to make sure I am getting quality speed work in and I’m not fatiguing too fast after the other workouts. Also the reason for the splitting up of the workouts.

And since I bunched the speed workouts at the beginning of the cycle, yesterdays being the last one I wanted to make sure they were of high quality. The more recovery between speed work the higher the quality of the work. 9 or 10 minutes recovery really is not asking a lot when you are trying to reach a high level of recovery anyhow.

Tuesday Workout Week 2 -

Noon Weightroom Session 1

Bench Press 3x10 w/ 105
Squat 3x10 w/ 65
Hang Clean 3x5 w/ 80

3min rest

Notes - Slightly disappointed with my explosion during squats, perhaps still a little bit to do with the soreness in my shin, but still disappointed.

9PM Weightroom Session 2

Leg Press
S-Leg Curl
S-Leg Squat
Leg Extension
Good Mornings
Close Grip Bench
Tricep Pulldown
Stooped Russian Twist

2x10 of all exercises
2x25 Stooped Russian Twist
2x50 Situps

1min rest, 75% intensity

Notes - Average circuit workout nothing special. Hopefully didn’t use up too much today, tomorrow starts the stressing part of my workout, the next week and a half should push me to the limits, hopefully right before its too far, will be closely monitoring my fatigue and hopefully getting some good recovery between sessions.

Wednesday Workout Week 2 -

10am Weightroom Session 1

Bench Press 3x3 w/ 255, 265, 275
1/4 Squat 3x3 w/ 315, 385, 405
Hang Clean 3x3 w/ 165, 180, 195

3min rest

Notes - good session nothing to complain about, the 1/4 squats felt real heavy 400 felt like 500, just not used to the heavy weights again yet.

4pm Weightroom Session 2 & Junk Session
Bench Press singles w/ 225, 275, 285, 305 new pr
Squat singles w/ 225, 275, 315
Power Clean singles w/ 135, 185, 225

Med Ball
Over the back throw 3x2 w/10lb ball
46’, 44’
48’, 49’
48’, 46’
Chest Throw 3x2
45’, 44’
45’, 45’
44’, 43’
1/4 Squat Vertical Jump 3x5

Notes - wanted 3min rest but had to abbreviate it due to my girlfriend unexpectedly coming in from ny. Also wanted to do 6x1 at 90% with my lifts, but also had to abbreviate it for the same reason, wish I could have got more squat work in especially. Power Clean I probably could have got 235 if attempted, and squat probably around 330, but just guesstimates. Also very happy with the bench, hoping for 315 soon, wish my squat would take off like that, o well.

dude yall gotta be cleanin more than that from a full clean with your bench/squat numbers…

u squat 50 more pounds than me bench 50 more pounds than u but yet im hang cleaning 15 more pounds than ur full cleanin…

just playin man it must be a form issue or somethin cus ur way stronger than me…

how old are u by the way?

Hey TJ2K,

I’m 22, and yes your right. While I have been squating and benching for about 8 1/2 years I have only been cleaning for a little more than 2 years, my form is good for the most part except for the catch, our college lifting coach noted it as well although he rarely pays attention to track athletes, I almost always catch the bar atleast in a 1/4 squat, and usually even higher!! Thats just how it has always been I can never get my body to dip down without loss of explosion in the pull, but I really havent worried too much about it as I think it is the least important phase so I let my numbers suffer.

Also my squating although fairly decent numbers wise has been pretty stagnant for the better part of 4 years. My legs seem to stop before i get the desired range of motion when I add weight, although my 1/4 squat numbers and lock squats get pretty high, my atg squats and parallel squat numbers barely move.

i c atch the bar in a standing position too for even my heaviest lifts…soemtimes i go to 1/4 squat…

now that i think about it…ive been squatting for 4 years this summer…and doin ol’s for 3 years

maybe u squattin heavy twice a day will shock ur system a bit…i know i wouldnt try it tho…sounds too much esp with the sprinting too…

Thursday Workout Week 2 -

7pm Weightroom Session

Front Squat
Calve Raise
Heel Raise
Lat Pulldown
Side Raise
Decline Flies
Bicep Curl
Tricep Extension
V-Situps 2x20
Twist Situps 2x20

1min rest
80% intensity

Notes - nothing special about the workout

9pm Bike Work

1 mile alternate between light and heavy resistance

Notes - just trying to get the blood flowing, had to move the track workout to tomorrow due to inclement weather.

Friday Workout Week 2 -

Noon Weightroom Session

Bench Press 3x2 w/ 265, 280, 290
Parallel Squat 3x2 w/ 285, 315, 315 (last set may have been slightly above parallel)
Hang Clean 3x2 w/ 175, 195, 205

3min rest

Notes - Once again the bench was surprising. The 205 of hang clean was pretty ugly. Overall a good session, but thank god its the last one of the week, starting to get fatigued.

6PM Track Session

2x30 Accelerations

Notes - Felt good in the 120’s up to about the 90m mark then started to slow but held form for the most part. Not my best effort, but anything over about 60m usually starts turning for the worse.

8PM Junk Session

5x10 bounds w/7 step approach
93’, 98’, 99’, 105’, 100’

2x100 Ankle Hops

2x50 Stabilizer Quad Blasts
(got it from some vertical jump program, you stand with one foot on a ball, then like a weightless squat, sounds stupid, but for some reason usually helps my vertical so I put it in my routine on occasion)

Notes - It was wet outside for the bounds but I am pleased with the progress I am making on them, though my ankle become sore during the last set of bounds.