Side Stitch Gone Wrong??

At first it felt like a normal side stitch, a little twinge of pain below the right hand side of my rib cage. But with a half mile to go in the 5k, my side gave me an excrutiating twist and I doubled over, stopping in my tracks. I’ve never walked in a race before that moment, but it hurt so bad. A day later my “stitch” hasn’t gone away.

The pain itself has moved, though. It’s no longer near my rib cage, It’s moved down to about belly button level. It’s roughly traingulated in the point of intersection with my right nipple and my belly button. There’s even a lump the size of a quarter on the epicenter of the pain. It doesn’t hurt when I poke it, but when I flex my stumoch, attempt to run, or anything else that uses my abdominals it hurts quite excrutiatingly.

Pulled ab muscle?

uh oh, sounds like a hernia. :frowning:

Go to the doctor asap.

Good luck man


Danm, Hernia? that sucks :frowning: A lot.

Edit: I’ve never heard of anyon gettin’ a hernia in a 5k, then again, I can poke the danm thing, and it don’t hurt. What’s up with that?