Sick and don't know what to do...

I woke up yesterday morning with a pretty bad cold, sneezing, caughing, and stuffy nose. I didn’t sleep real well last night. Should I take today off all together and pick up Monday’s workout tomorrow and workout through Saturday or skip the workout all together and just pick up on Tuesday’s workout tomorrow or should I just suck it up and workout? Would either option be more detrimental than the other?

Do what you can! I usually push through my sicknesses bc I know there only going to last 3-5 days! The reason? I try and overdose on Vitamin C! I take 4-6 1000mg of these pills a day as soon as I think I am going to get a cold!

You call also make this a regeneration week if you are in your third, fourth, or fifth microcycle!

take this week easy, just keep in touch; no point in pushing it, as you can’t perform at your best anyway; start again next week and by the end of it you’ll be pretty ok!

hope it helps!