shox monster fly

has anyone tried the nike shox monster fly. how are they for the 1 2 and 4

I’ve used them in a comp and in training…I wasn’t impressed. I used them during a comp over the 100 and 200. During the 100 I somehow managed to land on the shox part of the spikes. Man…I have never felt such pain go through my heel. This actually cost me the race! The same happened during the 200 but the impact wasn’t as big. Be very careful in these spikes. My personal faves are the G5’s.

thanks… i thought the shox were designed to keep you off your heels, i guess that didn’t work…
anyone else have any experience with the monster fly’s?

What were you doing landing on your heels?

One of my teammates had these. Not impressed with them at all and definitley weren’t worth 130.00 or however much they cost him. I’d rather have shox on my normal shoes if anything thanks, not on my track spikes… Weird that Nike did that.

Nike did it cuz they know people will buy em. Michael Jordan can put out a pair of shoes that have pink angels on em with gay elves trading gerbils on the heel, and he could charge $140, and people would still buy them. And they would be in every music video soon after. I don’t understand the need for shox, when you’re not supposed to be on your heels in the 1st place.

I landed off balance during the latter part of the race. The rest is history… :mad:

Its all about the Nike G5’s in Red and White :smiley: