Shoulder Update

to those interested…
after 2 arthrogram MRI’s (first one contrast leaked out of my shouder joint and they didn’t get to see everything) i finally got my results. i have a bankart lesion tear from the dislocation which requires surgery. there is no way i could play this fall with the tear so the best thing to do is get it taken care of now. my doc says 4 months until i am back at 100% again and in the gym, i’m not gonna rush anything though. i guarantee i will come back stronger though, its just a matter of time. i’m thinking about posting a rehab journal on the forum just because i’ll have some time on my hands. charlie, since i’m gonna be laid up for awhile, send the vancouver vol 3 & 4 tapes over along with a copy of the new book. :smiley:

Get the rehabb posts up like you say to keep you focused.
You can be Charlies 2nd reader …

arthrograms ain’t fun. those who have had them know what i mean.

Sorry to hear that ESPN3!

Wish you all the best!!