Shoulder Problems

Alright, I have been asking a lot about gymnastics movements lately because of shoulder problems. It is not a pain I feel when I push on the shoulder, but feels as though it is in the joint. I have to consciously try to lift my arms and strain very hard for forceful movements that normally are no problem. I hurt them during camp from the high volume of drills(I am a linemen currently). Any ideas on what this is and how I could resolve it.

Always be careful with shoulders especially in football contact. I have had numerous friends end up having surgery because they didn’t take the proper rehab serious and add the appropriate strength program to follow. I am not an expert but from my personal experience rotator problems feel in the joint and definitely require proper strength training after diagnosis and rehab - often we don’t pay enough attention to rotators. I also would dramatically remove overhead pressing movements and watch bench pressing until you get the pain problem solved and diagnosed. There have been some good posts regarding shoulder injuries and workouts on in the Q&A for Sports. Another interesting article I read a few years back was from Ian King regarding upper back and trap strength in relation to forward pressing movement strength. Many of us are much stronger forward than pulling and we should be equal. Shoulders get a lot of action - so be careful as not to put yourself out for much longer.

See an ortho guy if you have insurance. Kinda sounds like a rotator strain or damage to the capsule. In either case taking hits in the arm from football place MUCH stress on the shoulders. Tears and dislocations are common.

Again, hard to dx through cyberspace. Could be something minor or you could be a surgical canidate. Small alligators grow into big alligators. Get it checked out.

could be a torn labrum

Very possible, as the Glenoid Labrum contributes to shoulder stability. First question to ask is, what was the mechanism of the injury (how did it happen)? Throwing movements are very common causes of shoulder injuries and dislocations, as they are anterior-inferior injuries; most especially affecting QBs in football.

Next important question is, how long ago did the injury occur and when was the onset of pain?

generally 2-4 weeks of rehab and rest from shoulder movements can resolve pain symptoms, but not necessarily fix the underlying problem…

bottom line, depending on what the answers to the above questions are, its difficult to give you sound advice, although, the safest way is to see an Ortho.

When you have time quit any shoulder/bench exercises or any that use the shoulder to a great extent like cleans.

Next look up rotator cuff exercises on the internet you should find at least 4 or 5 good ones.

Then for the next 4 weeks do these exercises with 10lb or less, 5lb to start with. The reason for the light wt is that if you do more than 10lb your stronger surrounding shoulder muscles take over. You want to focus on your rotator cuff. After 2 weeks you should do some inch worms. Inch worms are a continous form of what Catherine Zeta Jones does in THE ROCK when she’s dipping under and her ass sticks out while doing a forward/clock like motion with her shoulders/upperbody. Do 10 of these to start with and work upto 20, it will strengthen the shoulder capsule while removing some of the scar tissue at the same time. I prefer do continous inch worms which are the same but you’re walking up to your hands after you do the first inch worm, then you do the next one by throwing your hands forward onto the ground like your body creates a 45 degree angle at your hips and then you do the inch worm.

After 4 weeks your shoulders should be fine but continue doing the inch worms.