Shoulder Injury

Suffered a subluxation of my left shoulder doing a box jump today. It fit back into place on its own after about a minute out and now I have about 80% mobility back. There are a few movement patterns that are as weak as a kitten, others seem about full strength. Some grinding in the joint when I move it about.

I wouldn’t even be asking this if I hadn’t got the idea in my head to try different movements to see how the joint had been injured. Pushups and OHPs with a broomstick went without a hitch, curls with the broomstick hurt, I could “walk” my hand up the wall to over my head, can touch the back of my head and so on. The only thing that really hurt was driving home.

I’m worried I screwed something up by doing that. Are there any steps I should take before seeing the ortho on Monday?

yes quit trying to see what you can & can’t do with it. rest completely until monday. there had to be a pre-existing injury to that shoulder, no? that is completely abnormal unless you fell on it. you definitely have stretched some ligaments in there and possibly torn some. the fact that it didnt pop right back in after the sublaxation meant it wasnt a partial sublaxation, so be careful. just to let you know, i have been in your shoes before, so i’m talking from experience. if your ortho gives you the old RICE prescription and the “see me in a month,” tell him you’d prefer an arthrogram MRI (contrast), this lets them see everything for a proper diagnosis. more than likely though he will send you for a MRI. good luck