shoulder health & exercises

Been doing Cuban rotations and Cuban combos as well as L-Laterals (these can be seen on for 7-8 weeks now. Great results. Shoulder pain reduced greatly, stability increased; GIVE these a try if you want to supplement your training with preventative medicine. Go light at first. Good luck.

I’m sick of doing rehab work :mad:

But they are a good idea. I think missing 6 months of hard training is catching up with me. 5 weeks to state titles then 3 weeks off then training begins again (at least I’m having 12 weeks of throwing)

I do this everytime I workout my upper body - last - working great! My cuff impingement from benching has just about gone .

all done one after the other - no rest - just once or twice trhough using the same weight for every exercise

30-45degree incline forward raise - face down x10
L-lateral elbow on knee cuff raise x10
Subscap raise x10
30-45 Degree side raise - face down - thumbs slightly up.

then do some incline shrugs

see here for exercise pics

Its also importnat to exercise the shoulders in both the horizontal plane - bench - row, and vertical plane overhead press - dips - chins. This will prevent imbalances

Just doing benches will get you trouble sooner or later