should i train when my legs are sore?

everytime i do a squat workout my legs are sore for more than everyother day.

and if i run with my legs sore the next day does that mean that its overtraining.

they are sore no matter what. i take a protein shake right after workin out. and some gatorade.

Well how long have you been squatting? If it’s still in teh first two weeks since starting squatting then I find I am constantly sore. After that, though, it seems to go away.

so should i still squat when they are sore?

How many times a week are you squatting right now? Whats the set/rep scheme? How tired do you feel the next day? Are you doing any other things besides lifting right now (speed work, conditioning, drills, etc…) What kind of recovery methods are you using? A protein shake alone is not going to get rid of DOMS. Might be that you’re not used to the load and your body is still adapting to the stress. If you could answer these questions, that would help out alot. I am willing to bet it has to do with volume?

i squat whenever my legs arent sore anymore. i do the jumpsoles speed training program.

i think its overtraining when i work out my legs are sore right?

im doing the smolv squat program

Dear lord. Many of these Russian lift programs were developed for people on drugs. Heavy to moderately heavy squatting 3 to 4 times a week when you’re clean? AND you’re trying to train for speed?

If anyone can do that program clean and still have a good running program along side it, then hats off to you…

I would say the squat program itself is overtraining. And I wouldn’t recommend speed work when your legs are sore.

You can still lift weights when your legs are a little sore.

Did you jump on that program without doing much lifting before hand? That would be funny.