Short to Long Variation (Advice needed)

I am wondering about what charlie mentioned in one of the vancouver DVD’s about trevor doing a variation of short to long. he mentioned trevor doing something like 3x3x90m. could someone ellaborate as to how you would structure a 12 week SPP around 90m instead of charlie’s traditional 60m distance? mainly could u go thru how you would set out the volume?

charlie’s template sets out his weeks as such:

  1. 3x4x60m

  2. 3x3x60m

  3. 3x3x60m

  4. 3x3x60m

  5. 2x4x60m

  6. 2x3x60m

  7. 4x60m

  8. 2x3x60m

  9. 1x4x60m

  10. 1x4x60m

  11. 1x4x60m

  12. 1x4x60m

so in order to do 90m would u use the same template but just change the distance to 90m? would you only run out to 90m up until a certain week? would you change the recovery? would you change the amount of sets? reps? what would you change to execute a short to long using 90m such as trevor has done?

I think you have to calculate the total volume of fast runs week by week and adjust accordingly. Remember that with the longer sprints you would have to adjust special endurance volumes to account for the increased volume of speed endurance runs at 90m. Crucial for success with such an approach will be your work to rest ratios. Do a search for Charlie’s recommended numbers.

Read Charlie’s quote on the subject;

“No, practical experience shows that ratios rise exponentially but then go back down as you go farther out. “Golden Rules” look great in seminars but don’t hold water in the real world, due to the complex interaction between neural and muscular recoveries, warm-up sustainability, and athlete level.
A few examples (all st start):
60m in 6.2sec with 10min break = 1:97
120m in 12sec with 35min br = 1:175, showing an increase, BUT
300m in 32sec, even with 45min recovery = 1:84.”

These ratios are not set in stone. check out this thread: