short to long speed

on the dvd when you were going over the short to long program you said that it takes a highly condition athlete to handle those volume and they better keep a lid on it. are you saying that we should decrease the volume slightly and make sure the runs are in the 95% zone

I know for me personaly, I cant handle a lot of volume so I keep a cap on it. As soon as you see the deteriation of times move on to something else, it ensures youre fresh and not become overtrained (were I was for 3 years). Like charlie says in the video its tricky to know when to increase volumewhen the intensity is rising, and its better to be undertrained then overtrained.

i cue it from a time, sometimes you may think you are running ok, but in fact you are not. so if you time the runs, at least you know if you are slowing up. having the same person timeing you! once times slow, its time to pull up on that part. That should give you a guage on volume.

I dont think that doing everything in 95% is a good idea. Just reduce the volume.
i.e. instead of 10x60m , just 7x60m.

Look at the weekly volume.

i also use the fatigue regulation test each cns day:vj or broad jump to test the neuro muscular system before workouts just to get an ideal of how you should train that particular day. for example if u r 2-5% above ur standards train all out, 2-5% below de-load that day. you would keep notes and if u see< over a 2 week period then < vol

im gonna try and keep the vol from the start, meaning when i cf 7 week gpp i hope my body adapt to the vol so once i hit the spp phase i be ok. it seems like cf speed stuff is smooth and relaxed which to me sounds like you should never be trying to go all out and etc, the only time i heard he say all out was when he spoke out speed endurce work. also its a reason why he has lots of vol at the start.

When are you guys adding in top speed into your program. Are you only doing e f e and f e f in the gpp and inrtoduce the flys in spp.

myself i following the exact cf plan the 7 weeks gpp which intro efe fef and flys toward the end also i will do his spp which have more of then same

The other thought that I was having was, every 4th week you are supposed to back off, on his charts the volume is the same, are we supposed to keep the same volume but back off on the intesity. Or how does that work.

just follow the workouts as they are, he knows what hes doing - i think hes backing off it may not be every 4 weeks.

I trust in that he knows what hes doing he even mentions that you need to back off on the dvd when he mentions the 4th week, but it still has me curious.

lol-just follow the chart and ur be fine, ifu look at the chart carefully he is backing off

the volume is increasing up to the 3rd week and the volume of the 4th week is lower - just calculate!

no, his athletes are doing 100% sprints(of course!).
95% is just a matter in the taper.
At GPP you cant speak about 100%( although the effort on hills is 100%),bc your body isnt in the 100% range of intensity, i.e. on hills!

The volume is pretty high! Its so high, bc its designed for guys like Ben Johnson.
Thats how i understand it. When starting with stuff like this you should decrease the volume to prevent injuries!
The volume isnt high, bc of lower intensities! The intensity is high all the year!

Volume progresses as you improve but once performance reaches the point where improvement is no longer possible while still increasing volume, then volume must level off. Eventually, at the highest levels, improvement can only continue if volume decreases,as was the case in 86,87,and 88 for Ben.

so what do you think CF should we < the vol in the gpp and spp?

maybe i misunderstood Cf but in the vancouver dvd he made it seem like all runs are not at 100%, bc he said u better keep a lid on it. i dont think those vol are only for ben, its for any well condition athlete. i will keep you updated on how things go with the 7 week gpp and 12 week spp, i really think i will be fine bc i have everything in place for recovery. :slight_smile:

Yep ut we are not all perfect not even you. Sometimes we just don’t understand something until we see/hear it a few times and discus it with other like minded people. Please remeber that the next time you give a curt reply to someones request for advice. I would rather feel a prat asking a question to what seems to some as obvious than be missinformed and screw it up for my athletes.

what r u talking bout cant understand what u posted above - translate.

i dont know what Phil is asking either?
perhaps he was drunk at the time???