Short Hills

Hi Forum,

Just looking for some ideas and feedback on my proposed inclusion of short hills for one of my 400m runners. I’m looking at incorporating them in lieu of long hills or other workouts as he doesn’t have access to a track or long hill on the suggested day, the hill is approx 80m, the incline is consistent and moderately steep (i don’t have the capacity to provide a gradient). I’ve been trying to get him to follow a kitkat style structure, here’s a breakdown of his current week:-

M - Short Speed + Weights or CCts
T - Rest (or light Aerobic)
W - Speed/Speed End (Alternates with Saturdays)
Th - Short Hills
Fr - Rest
Sat - Speed/ Speed End + Weights
Sun - Tempo or Rest

What would be ideal sessions to add to this using the hill in question? Or should i cut this completely and try to work in a different session?

Thanks in advance.

I would go with short speed mon . SE tues. Rest or tempo recovery wed. Hills thur.Rest or tempo fri. Speed /SE on sat. You can flip thur and sat if you like. Anyways that’s what we do in our program, although some tues can be more of a lactate power workout during GPP.